Tommy Allred

Tommy Allred


I am a singer, songwriter who is interested in creating unique arrangments in a traditional vein. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, just make it roll.


Hello and thank you for having a look at what I love to do. I have been playing music for over thirty-five years now, and I will never stop until my last breath of air.

Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, I fell into the ring of music that over took me so fast it started producing new creative ideas for me, which I have always posessed, and now the ability to express them with a song.

Having been in the military I was able to perform live all over Germany at a young age, thanks to "Uncle Sam" and the Draft! That experience was enough to keep me striving in making the music better.

I formed a Top Five band in Colorado called "Home Grown" in the late seventies, and I quickly converted over to Country Rock, which I am still performing today.

I have countless stories about life that I write to fit many styles of compositions and hopefully they will become favorite songs for my listeners.

I will keep it short and say that "if I never get rich and famous, I have already succeeded in many of my goals" and I can only pray more good things will continue to happen . . .

Call anytime for booking or info: 601-846-4722

If you are in the Laural area we are looking for a keyboard player and drummer, and/or want to kick some tunes around give me a shout....
Thank you again and God Bless.


Down by the River

Written By: Tommy Allred

I was walking,alone a lonley trail,
No one left at home but me.
I keep on thinking,when I used to love you,
And how it would be if were still here.

To have you back again,standing next to me,
Wishing I could hold on to you still.
There was a crash that night, an awful bad wreck.
When they told me ,that you had been killed.
But when I'm walking down by the river.
I see you face out on the water.
It scares me so it makes me shiver.
so I go back home and turn up my heater
I can't ever get back ,no matter how hard I try.

You never even new how much I loved you.

You loved me ,and I loved you.
You loved me ,and I loved you

One Fifth at a Time

Written By: Tommy Allred

Now I woke up again three fourths drunk today and poured my self another drink.
I'm tryin' to drown a memory ,so I'd never have to think.
About a half a man I used to be, when you used to be all mine.
And now I'm drinking you off in fractions baby,
Drinking one fifth at a time...

Jack Daniels and Goerge Dickle, Old Charter and Jim Beam.
They are helping me along so we're working as a team.
Still trying to drown you old memory.
And the whiskey is working fine.
I'm drinking you off in fractions baby, drinking one fifth at a time.


So they say we sleep about one third of our life.
But my waking hours are pure hell.
My bottles two thirds empty now , There aint no bottom to my well.
If she'd only returned half of my love, I guess we'd be doing fine .
Instead I'm drinking you off in fractions baby,
drinking one fifth at a time.



Tommy Allred
c2004 All Rights Reserved


GOOD NEWS~~~"One Fifth at a Time" is receiving Airplay along with alot of email responses, and is in a short film this year. Seems to be Catching some Attention.

My song "Pistol Whipped Bruise" received~~~~~

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so this is turning out to be the start of another good year. Another new song has just been posted for your listening enjoyment and reviews "Never Look Back and Ask Why". all comments are appreciated. The rest of my music is on the Hot Plate!!!! You can view some of them here, right now on Sonicbids. I don't want to over crowd it with all of them.

"ALPHABET ROCK" another composition by Tommy Allred becomes one of "Angela Steeles" most played songs. Check her out at or

Set List

"Mississippi Delta Moon" ***
"1/5 at a Time"***
"Down by the River"***

Too many Covers to list. My sets last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on the audience.