Tommy Andrews

Tommy Andrews


The Tommy Andrews Band sound is is psychedelic meets roots rock. Fronting the band, Tommy is backed by a top-notch rhythm section laying down that essential beat. Audience members are enthralled by the band's musicianship and a stage presence that defines interactive performanc


Tommy was born and raised in central Illinois. He began his musical career as a child studying classical piano. Always drawn to the instrument, fate interceded when he broke his hand as a teen and, not able to continue piano, began playing the electric guitar. He thrived throughout the 80's and 90's performing the classic rock sounds of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Budgie, to name a few. But fortune once again intruded in his career, giving him a passion for personal expression through music.

In 2003, Tommy’s life inextricably changed after he fell on some stairs packing out after a gig, suffered a skull fracture and a subsequent head injury. Tommy was left tone deaf and suffered from frequent bouts of memory loss. With only muscle memory to rely on, he reclaimed the ability to perceive pitch, musical skills, and his life by working through "From the Cradle" by Eric Clapton.

And so, roots rock became the only music that made sense to him as he learned to overcome the day-to-day challenges of recovering from a brain injury. The life-altering experience is responsible not only for him changing musical genres but, has created a deep desire to begin composing original music. One moment’s misfortune has become his catalyst and inspiration for expressing life’s universal struggles in song.

Relocating a few years ago, Tommy currently performs with Justin Rollheiser on bass and Larry Nannie on drums in Kansas City and its surrounding communities. In addition to performing regularly, he is currently writing new material for a full-length CD. With a continuously busy schedule don't miss your chance to book The Tommy Andrews Band for your club, festival, or private party.


A EP release of "Breakfast With the Blues" receives regular radio airplay on two local community radio stations. The Band headed into the studio last month and anticipates releasing a new CD by the end of the summer 2009.

Set List

The Tommy Andrews Band does a combination of original blues compositions and Jimi Hendrix/Stevie Ray Vaughn/ Albert Collins-style covers. The Tommy Andrews Band specializes in producing signature guitar-driven, rockin' blues. We can play all night with a typical set lasting at least 70 minutes. More to see and hear at