Tommy Bottoms

Tommy Bottoms

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Tommy Bottoms is the future of America. He is all ready often referred to as "The New Mouth of the South". In 24 hours, Tommy performed the same set for Penn State Law School students and a inner city nite club in Philly: He recieved a standing ovation at both! He represents complete genius!


HBO Def Poet Tommy Bottoms is proving himself one of the most prolific spoken word artists of our time. A recent transplant to Atlanta, he has a unique ability to appeal to both the college graduate and the high school dropout alike. His gritty delivery, witty punch lines and well developed concepts, are not only brilliant, but destined for mainstream appeal. Combining the verbal dexterity of Jay-Z, and the intellectual capacity of Dr. Cornell West, Tommy is a crowd favorite at caf├ęs, open mics and universities around the country. Even before his appearances on the HBO series Russell Simmons Def Poetry, the Indianapolis Star named Tommy one of the Top People to Watch in their annual year-end edition. With subject matter running the gamut from pimpin to politics, Tommys ability to bring an element of street-life into classrooms has made him a household name with aficionados as well as the casual observer, earning him the utmost respect of his peers. Tommy Bottoms poetry can be summed up in one succinct word - genius.


Pimpin & Politickin (2003)

Almost Famous (2006)

Set List

Tommy is prepared to do a 15 min set to an hour set.