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"Tommy Danger The Now & Laterman -The Greatest of the Great hosted by DJ Left. Release CD/DVD ON 9/6/05"

With 12,000 CD’s and counting, and 10 million emcees coming out of New York State with platinum dreams, one may wonder what makes one MC stand out from the rest. This question was answered in an interview with Grace Brown, manager and VP of Tommy Danger Music Group Inc.

GB: What makes this CD different from the last 6 volumes of the Now and Laterman series.
TD: "A lot of people have heard and seen me on various web sites and see my street grind, but still don’t recognize me as a Hip Hop Artist. I basically went to DJ Left who I respect very much although we differ in opinions a lot to compile some of the freestyles that I have done to date with and some unreleased tracks. On this cd I want listeners to hear the style that makes me unique. I have been called old school, abstract, and commercial. Usually I zone out for a few months and do a project with no boundaries. This time DJ Left set the pace.

GB: So what are you bringing to the game?
TD: A Journey. I want listeners to challenge themselves to hear Hip Hop that’s not single dimensional. A have been turned down from a lot of labels because they say my music has no focus. I do it from my heart and express what’s going with and around me. Each CD has been an evolution. One has not been like the other. They show growth whether it is lyrically, technically, or artwork. I always give my fans something to watch and listen to. I was always told that if there is something in life that you want but don’t see it, create it. I strongly believe that I have done that for hip hop. Life is
life, we all experience it. But how we express it is different. That’s what I do express from Tommy’s view.

GB: Ultimately with that approach you may limit your opportunities.
TB: That’s the greatest part about being independent. I am the consumer first. I have to test it, break it, and re-create it. If I don’t have passion in it then I don’t want to be apart of it no matter how much money. Unless of course it’s a couple of Million to ease the pain.

GB: So what’s next?
TB: The game constantly changes. Everything is visual now. So I shot the video "Gang Bang" Directed by Zaire "The Visualizer Extraordinaire" We constantly look to push the envelope. The video has the feel of a young hungry Hype Williams. The track produced by DJ Left has a drum on the MPC ready to peak red. Automatic banger for the ride, Ipod, club and TV.

GB: So what else is next?
TB: Some people may be surprised but the Now & Laterman will be put to rest. The series will be completed with the Mystery Flavor. Collect all the volumes while you can. Tommy Danger is the focus now. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me from the first 120 CD’s pressed in my crib. Big things are about to happen so stay tuned! - PR LEAP G.BROWN

"Tommy Danger and DJ Goldie Gold both Harlem natives met at Rock and Wills at the age of 10 where the young DJ Goldie was working at his brothers mix tape shop. Rock and Will is the originator of selling mixtapes back in the 80’s from the likes of DJ Kid C"

April 22, 2005 -- We Go Way Back - Get money nation consist of DJ Action Pac people’s choice for the number 1 cd duplication center in NYC. Also they are the originators of the “Out Of Towner’s” mixtapes check out Volumes 1-26. Tommy Danger and DJ Goldie Gold both Harlem natives met at Rock and Wills at the age of 10 where the young DJ Goldie was working at his brothers mix tape shop. Rock and Will is the originator of selling mixtapes back in the 80’s from the likes of DJ Kid Capri, Ron G and the young DJ Clue. This is history in the making.

Grace Brown interviews Tommy Danger on Volume 6 Cherry flava. We selected 5 of his favorite tracks to elaborate on.

In the Morning – Just a short story to tell. This first song on the CD talks about one of the nights I got lucky when I went out. One of my co-workers was moving to another state and after a few rounds of drinks women started getting a little freaky. The track itself is a Barry White sample and the bass rips.

Cherry Mix – My boy DJ Left dug in the crates and pulled out Special ED “I got it made”. This track displays the slick and sharp freestyles that are lacking in the game right now. No bang bang shoot’em ups, just tearing a dude out of his frame.

It's a Rap – This track I actually jacked from Mark the 45 King (you know “A hard knock life” Jay Z, “Stan” Eminem) so you know it bangs. Doing what I do best talking trash and telling you how proud I am of where I come from, Harlem.

Good Times – DJ Left came through with a LL Cool J “Hey Love” kinda track. I got my cuz from Philly singing on the hook. He thinks he’s Usher but he can be himself and still be good at it. In this song I’m basically describing how I like my women to look and we spend our time. Good Times!

Off the Block – Moves at a verbally rapid fire tempo. The song talks about looking at our own communities. What we have, what we do and why we should stay. There has to be a conscience song.

Killin 16’S (Bonus Track) – Produced by Minnesota (Mos Def & Money Boss Playas). This track contains a soulful sample with horns from a blues juke joint and kick snare drums that bang like impeach to president. Also featured on this track is an up and coming rapper Liaison. Lee uses slick metaphors to describe his style, while Tommy gives it to you straight, but he kills 16’s.

Stay tuned for Volume 7 Mystery flava hosted by DJ Action Pac from Get Money Nation followed by an album. It’s about time!

"Tommy Danger Drops a Banger with Volume Five Banana Flavor Hosted by DJ Youngface"

February 9, 2005 -- Tommy Danger aka Thomas Brown was born in Harlem New York right around the corner from the infamous Harlem World. The name Tommy means saint and Danger being a territory or sphere of control or influence. Tommy’s style is a mix of Del La Soul and Jay Z which is a mixture of a street wise hustler and abstract lyricist. In August of 2003 Tommy met with Kenny G Russell Simmons right hand man and he stated "Tommy you have some hot stuff". Hot was all Tommy needed to hear to continue on his journey. Putting his destiny into his own hands Tommy has formed his own company (Tommy Danger Music Group, Inc.), and has put out four Now & Later man mix tape CD’s.

Tommy Danger is now on his fifth mix tape CD Vol. 5 Banana with a crazy 808 flavor Harlem style and an east coast flow that’s sick. With the online graffiti posted on different artist music sites, street promotion and several mixed tape spots throughout the city people are anticipating the coming of Vol. 5 Banana. Tommy’s Hip Hop reality T. V show Danger Vision has given the people a taste of the CD every week while the website has acted as an incredible source in building Tommy’s phenomenal joining fan base. Vol. 5 Banana is being hosted by Brick City’s hood favorite DJ Youngface (50 Cent Behind the Bars, 2 Pac Behind the Bars and Death before Dishonor just to name a few). The production bangs out with the help of BX native DJ Left (Lord Tariq, Will Traxx, Killa Cam) and also the prodigy DJ Quiet from the crew formerly known as Speak Easy. With Tommy’s Now & Later series Vol. 1-5, which moved nearly 5,000 units independently on the street, the Harlem approved MC/Producer/ T.V personality has won the hearts of the hood with songs like “Where the people at? Tommy is creating his own buzz by dropping a different mix tape CD every quarter, the weekly T.V show (Danger Vision) and the website. Tommy Danger, follow the leader in hip hop for 2005.

Listed are reviews from avid listeners of Tommy Danger:
I Loved it!
Reviewer: Jessica Breiner
i loved it tommy danger is awesome and really hot..:) he has a great style and sounds like Jay Z i suggest everyone should sign up for his e-mail list and get his cd's

Reviewer: DJ LEFT
This album is tight and I’m not saying this caused I produced 3 songs on this jump off. Tom Dange got that flow that rocks for days and he has a creative mind. He is very consistent you know exactly what getting when you listen to him bangers

heat heat and more heat
Reviewer: ethan
this cd is fire from track 1 to 26. track 26 is one of the hottest tracks i ever heard .the kid can freestyle that "no more" track is so so sick.if you reading this you need to get this.its something everyone needs to have in the whip

This album is Pure Fire!
Reviewer: DJ Hunley
Yo you gotta check this CD out! Tommy Danger has got sick flows and aint afraid to freestyle, along with a great production, you gotta cop this CD. Every track is excellent, Overall 5/5

This album is Bananas
Reviewer: Si Aura aka "Killah"
A rapper that is not afraid to freestyle when put on blast. Tommy Danger is a force to be reckoned with. His style is a mixture of 50 Cent at his greatest and Jay-Z at his prime. Very nice album to buy. Overall heat 5/5* . Peace...Si Aura aka "Killah" .


Harlem MC Tommy Danger sits down with for some insight to his contributions to hip-hop and the rap game.

Born and raised in Harlem, New York Tommy Danger is truly different; not just in his rhymes but in his approach to hip-hop.

Known as ‘The Now and Later Man’, Tommy is taking his skillz as a MC to a higher plane. Thru a series of mix tapes which come in ‘Flavors’ you can experience the growth and evolution of this extraordinary MC as he attacks the ‘game’ with his unusual beats and lyrics.

Tommy Danger will tell you he is far from the gangsta that is expected in today’s hip-hop and rap artist, but Tommy Danger is just that – a danger to all the MC’s who are running around being just like the last MC.

His ‘individualism’ as a MC comes across in his music and in this interview. Tommy gives his views thru experience in his live on many things in this interview. From growing up in Harlem and his first interest in Hip-Hop to a New York perspective of the passing of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.

A lot of today’s MC’s will tell you they are different, but as soon as you hear their music you know they are just the same MC in a different wrapper. Tommy Danger says he’s different and one listen to his music let’s the listener know they have actually found a MC who is truthful when they boast about being different.

Thanks to Tommy for taking time and giving us this insight to his unique approach to the rap game and being able to use his talent to take hip-hop back to where it belongs – from the street, not some corporate office.

Check out Tommy Danger’s web site HERE and you can get some of the Volumes of ‘Flavors’ HERE and all the Volumes of ‘Flavors’ if you email Tommy at .

Robert – Thanks for taking time to speak with us.

Tommy Danger – Thank you for having me.

Robert – I am not from NY, and the different boroughs are a little confusing to me. But when I think of Harlem I think of the eulogy of Malcolm X by Ossie Davis, where Malcolm’s love for Harlem and her people were spoke of. How would you describe Harlem to someone who has never been there?

Tommy Danger – Harlem to me is the mecca of style. Within Harlem itself you can find so many sub-styles. A case in point, such as myself: You can catch me walking down the street in a 3 piece suit, swuare toed leather shoes on, and I’m in style cause I have to handle my business during the day time.

But at the same token you can catch me that same day in the afternoon or evening, with a pair of Timb’s on some Sean John jeans and a white tee and a fitted cap, cause that’s just how we get down.

I notice when you go to other boroughs it’s like, there are very few people who can define themselves in that sense, ya know what I’m saying. But that’s what I have grown to become and that is partially because of my up-bringing. It’s like ya have to handle your business and make money, cause I’m not stupid; and at the same time I want to be relaxed in my environment. So I’m not going to sit on the stoop in a suit, shirt and tie whatever but I still get the same love and respect either or. And if you look at a lot of the other cats out here it’s basically the same way. A lot of people handle their business but then you got the other people that really just hustle hard in the streets. So you really have to balance yourself, picking and choosing your hustle.

I remember one time when I was up in Canada and I told someone I was from Harlem, and the first thing that they thought about was that Central Park jogger case, ya know what I’m saying? It’s like ‘Oh God your from Harlem and Central Park, and theirs people up there getting raped’; naw it’s not like that. To me it is one of the most beautiful spots here in the states. Just because of the diversity with-in cultures and all that. It’s not like how it use to be like back in the 70’s or whatever or 80’s where it was predominately black. You have people from France here now, people from Germany and it gives it a real nice mix, because that’s reality right now.

Robert – Being born and raised in Harlem; how has Harlem and Hip-Hop changed since you were coming up?

Tommy Danger – Good question. Coming up basically I was inspired by this dude named King Cut and DJ Cheese. There’s a little park that’s up the street from where I live at. And these dudes are up in there smoking cheeba or something like that, and they had like boom box but it had a keyboard on top of it, and these dudes just sitting there getting high. I was about 6 – 7 years old, ya know ya see teen agers, and back then that was like when Planet Rock, (by Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force), cause I live 2 blocks from where Harlem World use to be at ya know what I’m saying. So like I would see all these people and hear them talking about the club and so forth and the sound, I just use to hear that song P - ROBERT

"Harlem New York hip-hop MC Tommy Danger – ‘The Now and Laterman’ will add to his rap flavors as he drops Volume 7 the ‘Mystery Flavor’ this December."

Harlem New York hip-hop MC Tommy Danger – ‘The Now and Laterman’ will add to his rap flavors as he drops Volume 7 the ‘Mystery Flavor’ this December.

Seven is considered to be a spiritual number because it is illusive and contains veils which must first be uncovered, one after another, before illumination will ultimately be found. Seven is said to be sacred, and this is evidenced by the fact that there are seven days in the week, ancient texts propose that the earth was formed in seven phases; the ancient solar system consisted of seven luminaries.

“Nothing can stop our grind. We are in a win win situation in the game. We took every defeat and created it into an opportunity. When the DJ's didn't play our freestyles we created our own mix tapes. When no one put us in magazines we created news letters. When we couldn't get any publicity we created what quickly became one of the best videos shows on Public Access and TV Period. No one can duplicate what we have done. We started our buzz giving away Now & Laters. The truth is I have loved that candy since I was five. I grew up on that candy. That candy reminds me of good times in life. Having a choice and not being monotonous. Each flavor is a different side to me, a different Hustle, and it is reflected clearly in my music. You will not get the same thing on each of the Now & Laterman Volumes 1-7. We keep it fresh and popping each and every time” the harlem rap artist says.

The Harlem based rap artist, Tommy Danger says about the upcoming album, “On this volume we have a lot of new talent. The production is crazy. 17 straight hits with production from Rockwilder, 45 king, Mizchif, DJ Left, Heat of the City UK and DJ Nice. Everyone calls us Hard Body in the streets because of our Hustle skills, so that's what we named the opening track, basically biting heads off. There is nothing smooth about it. We gave the people what they have been asking for. We have created our niche in flipping different styles, and that’s our formula in making hits. This time around we have crafted this one with an album sound and not the typical mix tape industry beats that we have used in the past.”

The buzz created among hip-hop and rap fans from Tommy Danger's first video ‘Gang Bang’, directed by Zaire, proved that Tommy Danger has something that the real hip-hop community is hungry for.

The first track of the current release is titled "Now & Later wit me" The video is being directed by the visualizer Zaire. It is energetic, sexy, and bounced with that East Coast flow that the Harlem rap artist Tommy Danger has grown to dominate.

Danger Vision continues to air the hottest hip-hop and rap videos and showcase the rawest hip-hop talent; period.

With Danger Vision season 2 the DVD hitting the streets, it is clear why this hip-hop MC, Tommy Danger, does everything Hard Body style.

The Harlem rap artists discography of flavors include:

Tommy Danger - The Now & Laterman

Volume 1 Tropical Punch

Volume 2 Apple

Volume 3 Grape

Volume 4 Orange

Volume 5 Banana

Volume 6 Cherry

The Greatest of the Great

Volume 7 Mystery Flavor drops December 2005

DVD - Danger Vision Viewers Choice Season 1

Danger Vision Viewers Choice Season 2

For more info visit the web site of this unique and very talented hip-hop rap MC at

Media Contact:

Grace Brown


Tommy Danger Music Group, Inc.

P.O.Box 1615

Morningside Station

New York, NY 10026-9998 - Grace Brown


The Now & Laterman Mixtape Series

Volume 1 Tropical Punch
Volume 2 Apple
Volume 3 Grape
Volume 4 Orange
Volume 5 Banana - hosted by DJ Youngface
Volume 6 Cherry - hosted by Goldi Gold GMN
Volume 7 Mystery Flavor
The Greatest Of The Great hosted by DJ Left
Disco Inferno - DJ Left-freestyle
Death Before Dishonor - DJ Youngface-freestlye
Hitman4hire Part 4 - KIng Smij - freestlye


Feeling a bit camera shy


In August of 2003 there was an awards luncheon for small business entrepreneurs. The key note speaker for this event was Russell Simmons. As with any hungry artist looking for an opportunity to get into the music industry this event was used by Tommy Danger to impress the Hip Hop industry tycoon. Right after Russell gave his speech Tommy courageously made his way to the front of the auditorium where Russell was seated to deliver his demo personally. Tommy explained to Russell how nervous he was in approaching him at this forum however Tommy took the chance in seizing the opportunity. Russell politely declined the acceptance of his demo and gave Tommy the number to his right hand man Kenny G.

Tommy acted immediately after the luncheon contacting Kenny and asked him to listen to his demo as per Russell. Tommy managed to get Kenny to listen to his demo in person on that day fifteen minutes later after a two minute conversation. Kenny listened to Tommy's tracks in Russell's mobile office for an hour straight. Kenny stated "Tommy you have some hot stuff but it's not only what I think it's the politics of the office as well". Kenny also said that Def Jam is not the start all and the end all in the industry and for people to hear Tommy I would have to create a buzz.

Since that day the advice from Kenny, Tommy is doing just that. Creating a buzz in more than just the obvious ways such as pressing up vinyl or begging club DJ's for spins. Tommy has put his destiny in his own hands by forming Tommy Danger Music Group Inc. and markets himself with the signature line The Now and Later Man. The Now and Later concept started from the company's (TDMG INC.) decision to give people something more than just a flyer but something to remember. Now and Laters are a part of Tommy's childhood that he shares with everyone he comes in contact with. His music promotion includes the Now and Later series Volumes 1-5 Tropical Punch, Apple, Grape, Orange, and Banana. The Now and Laters are also symbolic of Tommy's lyrical ability to communicate with everyone with energy, clarity and style. Tommy's music has been created from the foundation of Hip Hop in the late 80's to early 90's creating a style that Tommy calls a style of his own.

Tommy's style is a mix of Del La Soul and Jay Z a mixture of a street wise hustler and abstract lyrics. He has worked with producers DJ Left, DJ Quiet and Destro on a few tracks and has also appeared on DJ Youngface "Death Before Dishonor". Danger Vision is a hip hop reality television show of Tommy Danger making music, performing in shows, meeting up and coming artist and DJ's, as well as promoting hand to hand with people on the street. Tommy is now in his second season of Danger Vision. Downtime, the Muse, Symphony Space and City Hall are a few of the places Tommy Danger has performed.

He has also been in the public eye speaking at the United Nations at the age of 9. With the launch of the website Tommy has been able to reach a wider audience and build a phenomenal fan base. Tommy Danger has been able to capture people of all ages and races by just making great music. Tommy is creating his own buzz by dropping a different mix CD every quarter, the weekly T.V show (Danger Vision), the website, and let's not forget the different flavor Now & Laters that everyone love.