Tommy Faucets

Tommy Faucets

 Piscataway, New Jersey, USA
BandHip Hop

Its not a band we are movement out of Central New Jersey. We've been creating music together since 2010 and we are ready to get the shine. We are diverse and can make any type of music and make music to any type of music. That is what sets apart for everyone.


Tommy Faucets is a 18 year old rapper born and raised in central parts of New Jersey. Since the age of 14, Tommy has been writing his own music and at the age of 15 started to compose some of his music. His influences range from Ray Charles to Keith Sweat to The Notorious BIG. With his old school 90รข€™s New York gritty flows and modern day flows his music is something new to ears of the people in 2013. Tommy creates imaginative and aggressive wordplay with heavy lyricism when he writes. He is the creator and front man of his movement, 10th Street, with 6 other rappers, singers and producers who are all undeniable talented. Tommy Faucets has the mind set to at the top of the game and certainly has the potential. With the ability to write, mix, and create his own music he will surely get there soon.


The suburBAN Tape (2013)
APEX (2013)