tommy fuller

tommy fuller


ITS music for the people,what everyone can relate to ,and feel in their hearts.


my music is acoustic,americana,indie rock. i create alot of music on stage for just 1 person.It dosen,t matter if there,s 2 or 2000i play with the same energy all the time. love jimi,joni, miles, neil man there,s too many to list.


best day of your life

Written By: tommy fuller,peter myers

VERSE 1 looking around you look into yourself and you will see/ that all that surrounds you is part of everything /let it happen let it go live in the moment let it flow/CHORUS THIS IS THE DAY THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE let it happen/ let it go/ live in the moment/ let it flow/CHORUS THIS IS THE DAY THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE 2verse looking around you can you see do you know/ no matter what happens life is short so take it slow/bridge ITS EVERYTHING YOU,VE DREAMED AND MORE /SO TURN IT ALL AROUND AND IT WILL SHOW/ A WHOLE NEW WORLD YOU,VE NEVER KNOWN IS RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR/ RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR CHORUS FADE


Written By: fuller,frezza,van korn

broken windows in a house/ where hope used to be /echos out/ a desperation through the walls of the factory/so/ my father told me son/ go out and be someone. chrous i was just a kid living in a smalltown /headed straight for the city lights yea/ the day i left/ i never turned around/ i was fighting back the tears/just a kid living in a smalltownyea. a new beginning/just another turn of the page /in this book of life / where a youg man becomes of age/so my father told me son/ go out and be someone . chorus out

turquoise love

Written By: fuller/micale

i,m looking for a turquoise love tonight/looking for a turquoise and i know its right/ and when i find her /i,ll know/ all the colors of love will showi,m looking for a turquoise love tonight looking for a turquoise love and i know its right/ like a ship thats /out to sea/let the wind bring her back to me.oh yea BRIDGE sunsets take me there/flowers shine in your hair/ visions of of you/heaven is in your eyes/no need to disquise/feeling this way that i do/ i,m looking for a turqouise love tonight/looking for a turqouise love and i know its right /when i find her i,ll know/all the colors will show/been looking for a love


2000 ,behind mercy st, a song ALL THE SAME was on WXPN in phila.FLEETWOOD MAC covered I WONDER WHY OFF THE

Set List

30 MINS TO 45 MINS all original music smalltown,california,heart on my sleeve,pour,best day of your life,its no ordinary sunday,without you,worlds on fire,i wonder why,all the same sometime i,ll make up a song as i go.