Tommy Glass

Tommy Glass


My music is timeless and breaks down barriers of race and age. It is a positive message to tough situations in everyday life.


My first solo performance for a large crowd was at the age of 9 years old; our choir director called me The Boy Wonder. Our church choir began traveling to ST. Louis to sing at various churches. our event calender grew rapidly and I enjoyed the trips on the van because most of the chior was my family so I felt right at home with them. It seemed like my whole life revolve around music; strickly gospel at first but I remember when my older brother first exposed me to secular artist. He had a Steve Wonder album. (I fell In Love) I then was exposed to Steely Dan,and Earth Wind & Fire. I remember sneaking to listen to them because my father did not allow that kind of music in his house. The impact these artist had on me would be life long. If I where to immulate any past artist it would be these 3. With these infulences the music God gave to me has a timeless quality and will speak to generations to come.


Without walls

Written By: Tommy Glass

It's cold outside, there's bitter wind blowing in the stormy night you need to come inside; the wind will blow some rain will fall but if you knock he'll open wide; there's shelter deep inside;
Tear down these walls. so I can see the painfull world that you've become while separated from the son. Without walls you can see me. The love that god can show through me. To this world I will be Church without walls.
verse 2
I just don't know can't understand so many say that they beleive tha Jesus died and rose again we separate on Sunday morn. How can we say that we love God and can't unite our fellow man.
Repeat Chorus:
If we could search ourselfs in Christ we must believe. His love would set the captives Free!
The Love that God can show through me, The peace that God can show through me the Joy that GOd can show through me, the Love that God can show through me Without Walls


"Anything More," 5 song maxi-single Nationally released in1998. received air play

Set List

I typically do 30 min. sets with some original and some cover. I have done sets with all cover before or as special guess lead vocalist.