tommy grasso

tommy grasso

 Highlands, New Jersey, USA
BandRockAdult Contemporary

Rockin' good-time party music with a stone groove, and a positive message.

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Two Streets

Written By: Tommy Grasso

I’ve been walkin’ through this nameless crowd
I see those eyes of yours, lips of yours your face is all around
I put it all together, played it back in my head, again & again
Last time I saw you, what happened and just what was said

Two streets and an avenue, I’m walkin’
‘Till I lay my eyes on you, I’m thinkin’
Been so long since I’ve seen her,
I hope I know what to say and do
Two streets and an avenue I’ll be face to face with you

You know this city brings out a need in you to survive
Well are you gonna stand and fight, or will it eat you up alive
Ok I’m back in the neighborhood, and it feels so good
The glow of the neon lights
Ducking into the hallway of our old café,
Where everything seemed so right
Bridge: But when it starts to slip away and there’s
Nothing you can do
The one fact that still remains
Things happen love just can’t stand up to
Bridge: Thinkin bout things I’ve learned
And how a flame can cease to burn
Is it all wasted time
When you leave a love behind

So now we’re just friends, and that’s where it ends but
As I’m walkin down the avenue
I see a place, remember a face
And suddenly I’m walkin’ with you
Chorus 2X

Back in the Day

Written By: Tommy Grasso

I’m just singin’ a song thinkin’ ‘bout time gone away
Others before me, they sang way before me,
I sing it in my own way
Everything changing, time isn’t waiting
My song is my catch of the day
Once more around Sun comes up then goes down
All started back in the day
When it began who can say

Crank up the time machine, punch in a memory
Sit back and let go
Secrets of time, they whisper to me and say

Hey hey back in the day got the same job done a different way
Now we got satellite pictures but old timers say
Things were much better
Back in the day

Here we go ‘round again well off the deep end
Do what you can to get by
Who do I thank, I can’t fill up my tank
Soon they’ll be selling sunshine

Ain’t no surprise now they found a way
Re-cycle the future polluting the bay
We get Dinner in seconds the microwave age
Twitter me this and now green is the rage

When the day ends if it gets you to thinking
That this big old mother ship might just be sinking
You’re not alone
You’re not the first one to say

Hey hey back in the day
Baseball and bikes, kids went outside to play
Faster computers and video games
Is it much better than back in the day

Just hangin’ ‘round the good times was all we knew
Nothing can ever get old if there’s nothing new

I’ll cross my T’s, as you bat your eyes
The human condition more than alive
Constantly changing just to survive, Same only different
Things are still cool and yea we’re all OK
Same only different, Same as back in the day


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Set List

1 Check this out
2 Mover
3 It All Came Together
4 Driving
5 I Don't Understand
6 Tired of Being Tired
7 I Will Stay
8 Two Streets
9 One Train
10 Groove on
11 Down to Earth
12 Look Ahead
I like covering songs by my influences, such as Led Zeppelin, Stones, The Beatles. Sometimes we hit from the blind side and do our version of the great Stevie Wonders' "Sir Duke".
The sets are generally put together as per venue based on time slot, and billing.
A typical set is 1 hour 10 minutes.