Tommy Hawkins

Tommy Hawkins


Tommy Hawkins believes in dynamic. Tommy Hawkins believes that the poetry of music goes far beyond the lyric. Tommy Hawkins believes that his guitar, his band and his energy can impact an audience.



It is rare to find a consummate musician that can tap a provocative continuum of creativity while embracing the purity of his craft. Driven by a passion born of living, guitarist, singer and songwriter Tommy Hawkins is living the dream. With heart-crafted melodies that seize the soul and linger long after the music has left his guitar, Hawkins’ tasteful fusion of swanky lead licks, thought-provoking lyrics and alluring vocals reach places in the heart most artist’s dream of going.

His performances stagger the imagination as his in-your-face affair with his music brings his comfort zone to the stage, and makes sheer talent look as effortless as an eagle riding the wind. This is a guy who loves what he does and does what he loves. Wearing the influences of masters such as Clapton, Stevie Ray and Dylan like a mantle, Tommy Hawkins is a presence, not a performance that plays from between the lines of life and opens his arms to all who would embrace him there.

The guy’s got game and a resume to prove it. He enhances his artistic depth with a panoramic breadth that includes an eclectic mix of genres and mediums from singing in an award-winning choir to more than a decade of endless rehearsing as a lead guitarist and 18 years working the drum kit.

When he steps on stage Hawkins’ haunting compositions and bleeding vocals charm, challenge, and change people as he unwraps the rare gift of baring his unclad soul through his craft. And while some guitarists reveal their artistic dexterity rifting throughout a song, not so with Tommy Hawkins. His lead lines transform a musical piece into a masterpiece that turns an otherwise bland melodic cloth into a vivid, spellbinding tapestry. To hear him is to know him as he weaves the cry of the human heart through each song making it an event that leaves listeners just a little more real and a lot more amazed. Tommy Hawkins is the next real thing!


Psyche’s Paradise

Written By: Tommy Hawkins

Let me die in your arms tonight
Vanish beneath the sheets unto your light
I have lived enough to lose it all
In feeble foolery - my splendor dissolved
What is to love but emptiness
If I won my love my words succumb to nothingness

I cannot beg for love from the one who agreed
I have cast my lot been tossed at sea

With the love of a thousand oceans
And the heartache of a million angels
I have found Psyche's Paradise
Do not weep for me tonight

Do not cry I'm finally alive
In the grace of Christ I truly thrive
Empty words while the masses weep
But I know of that grace which you cannot dream
Home at last and I've got friends in the gentry
Ain’t it worse for those yet to gain entry

While the first fall behind and the last take the lead
At last I'm settled while you're stuck in reality

With the love of a thousand oceans
And the heartache of a million angels
I have found Psyche's Paradise
Do not weep for me tonight
(Could it not be worse for those that are still alive?)

Left For You

Written By: Tommy Hawkins

Six months and my muse returns
To a lovely, ambient smile
Many miles have separated us
We’ve been separated by many miles
I can still close my eye
And watch your elegance fall to the floor
Through the door your scent wafts in
Your scent wafts in through the door

Welcome home, welcome home
Your seats been left for you
Welcome home, welcome home

Three times you’ve foiled romance
Sweet Stalin-like holder of a solitary key
It’s just jewelry when my heart’s in your hand
My heart’s in your hand and I’m just jewelry
But I’d have it now other way
Sweet solitary holder of a heart wept after
Your laughter soaks cheeks when you return
Your return soaks mine with hopeless laughter

Welcome home, welcome home
Your seat’s been left for you
Welcome home, welcome home


Written By: Tommy Hawkins

Thomas J. Hawkins

Wake up, mama, I think I’ll go to London
Just a year or two and I’ll be on that plane
I’m gonna make a list, make it real long
Of the only thing that’ll hold me back, barring age and name
Baby’s gonna have that long, long hair
Be tall and postured as a goddess
A timid smile and the deepest eyes
Dressed in peasantries of the modest
No one could check them all
No one could be that good
In a restaurant a celebration transpires
Grandpa tells me England isn’t worth the loss
I laugh and say I’d thought it through
He smiles because he knows he tripped me up – though I sloughed it off
"She’s worth more than a life in London
You know she’s the best you’ll ever find
Coz’ nothings gonna take her place – but
London, boy, is gonna lose its shine"
No one could check them all
No one could be that good
No one coulda caught me, babe
No one but the least like likely could
The wisdom didn’t hit me then
Coz’ I walk out on that love
I went out, out into the world
Babe, I tasted the curses I swore to keep you from
Goodbye, baby, his words they haunt me still
If I’d known then, yada yada… back to the jack and a fistful of pills
You wrecked the plan
I was on the train
My bags were packed
Then my phone rang…

Copyright 2007 Thomas J. Hawkins

Set List


Lips Of An Angel - Hinder
Better Days - Bruce Springsteen
One Night Love Affair - Bryan Adams
For Crying Out Loud - 77s
Are You Gonna Go My Way - lenny kravitz
Stay - U2
Come Pick Me Up - Ryan Adams
What It Takes - Aerosmith
Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson
Precious Angel - Bob Dylan
Friday I'm In Love - The Cure
Heaven Is - Def Leppard
King Of Wishful Thinking - Go West
Angel Of Harlem - U2
Stand By Me - Oasis
Come Undone - Robbie Williams
Be Good - hothouse flowers
Love Is Hell - Ryan Adams
Are You The One I’ve Been Looking For - Nick Cave
It’s All Over Danny Bailey - Elton John
Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots


Love And Piety
Left For You
For Kristin
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Psyche’s Paradise
Millionaires Ranch
The Oxhead
Crossed Hands
Pawnshop Girl Revisited
The Count
Baby You Change
Just Cold
Yosemite And The Ocean
I’ll Know