Tommy Hernandez

Tommy Hernandez


Urgent piano can't decide between happy, angry, or sad...neither can the smoky vocals. Rock songs shimmy into classically-influenced orchestrations, and then fades to haunting calm. Krista VanWinkle lends an ethereal voice, countered by Beau Turkey's cathartic drums. Moody and manic.


Tommy was born to a piano teacher mother. He mimed and recited Shakespeare in community theater.
He studied much too hard in school.
He bottled, brooded, wrote and drew.
Then one day he lost his mind.
He walked out of his job
Left his studies behind.

He only plays music now,
Melodic, honest, and brazen.
He lives for the piano
Thus he'll die a vagrant.

- - -


Tommy met Krista at his work. He met Beau at his other work (the one he walked out of). Krista is a classically/soul-trained singer whose transcendent voice will kick any other singers ass. Beau Turkey is a seasoned heavy-metal drummer from Oklahoma, who's seen the world and turned it upside down, but is now pretty old and tired so he's settling down with Tommy.

The end.


"Produced by Denton supastar Robert Gomez, Mimespeak is symphonic pop at its finest, with Mr. Hernandez singing and playing piano on rich songs that sound as though they should be part of some dark cabaret act."
--Hunter Hauk, Dallas Morning News

"Tommy creates music from a visionary standpoint. He thinks conceptually and colorfully, and could easily go on to create entire productions from such an approach."
--Ayo, KDGE 102.1 FM


Circle of Friends

Written By: Tommy Hernandez

We dance on china like it just won't break.
All white and pretty, the same mistake.
We dance on china like it just won't break.

We beat the dead horse...

We collect friends like we like 'em.

We beat the dead horse to death.

It's the same book
The same chapter
We play the words like a song
Over and over
And all in circles 'til we reach the end.
And we dance.
And we cry.
And we die.

We beat the dead horse.

Hot and cold.
In and out.
Up and down.
Good and bad.
Live and dead.

Death In Dallas

Written By: Tomy Hernandez

Asphyxiated with sugary tears
Running down its cold face;
The body stares into
eyes of the passersby
and haunts them.
Oh No.
Did it wave?
Swore it did.
Mind is playing tricks again.
These funeral follies,
They won't be remembered.

So long.

And they played no music
But at the birth, not at the death-
At the marriage not divorce.
They reckoned they'd have more players
at the first and best occasion.
And then they gave this corpse a rest.
They forgot him in Dallas.
They shot him in the head.

Hold on.

Expatriates escaped this cruel masquerade.
In New York and L.A., they found a way.
No one will cry for the ones in Dallas on the side.
The players slain.
The music tainted.
Good enough changed
and they have lynched him.
The gentleman was much to young;
by way of gun,
by way of Deep Ellum.

So long.
Hold on.
Long gone.
Go on.

The Crazies

Written By: Tommy Hernandez

The Crazies are out and they're out for the kill
With lipstick and hightops.
It doesn't matter where they came from;
Their kingdom is here and now.
And that's wherever they decide executively
With spirals in their eyes.
And their dance: it's shaky with a little twist.
And their hands: hidden 'cause they're up to mischief.
Oh, shimmy shimmy shimmy shimmy
Down the halls of the city.
Shitty from the stuff
They can't get enough.
Crazies like high times
And you're invited.

The Crazies are out and they're out for the kill.


Do It Yourself [Self-release, 2005]
Mimespeak [Facepaint Records, distributed regionally and digitally by Crystal Clear Distribution, 2007]

Set List

Selected Original Music:
The Crazies
Death In Dallas
Some Love
Perpetual Child
The Etude
Upon Entrance
Two Names
Circle of Friends
Secret Song
Spice It Up

Selected Covers:
La Vie En Rose-Edith Piaf
This Will Be Our Year-The Zombies
La Valse d'Amelie-Yann Tiersen
Casimir Pulaski Day-Sufjan Stevens

A typical live show will run 30-50 minutes.

Enough material for several hourlong sets with a very diverse array of styles and moods.