Tommy Job

Tommy Job

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA
BandChristianAdult Contemporary

Adult Contemporary Soulful Christian Artist With An Asian Twist.



With a voice as powerful and soulful as Michael McDonald or Michael Bolton, Tommy Job has touched the hearts of thousands with his melodious mix of R&B, jazz, gospel and folk. His debut album, Stand Upon the Rock, spans all of these genres with the same grace and ease heard in his songs.

Born in Korea, but raised in the United States, Tommy spent his formative years in Illinois and Iowa before settling in New York. He began studying music at nine years old and by eleven he was playing guitar at his church’s main service. At 14, he began taking piano lessons from an instructor who was a music minister in the South Bronx. “It was then that I began to understand that God wanted to demonstrate His love, power and strength to me through worship,” Tommy explains.

Tommy became involved in public ministry beyond his local church. He traveled nationwide participating in retreats, revivals and college meetings often times performing to audiences of over 1,000. After years of ministering through other people’s songs, Tommy began to seriously pursue songwriting. “I began to see the Lord bless many people through my songs. From that point on, songwriting became my passion.”

With encouragement from David Choe, a legend in the Korean-Christian community, Tommy took a leap of faith and moved to South Korea in the fall of 2001 to start his ministry. After a few months, he connected with a U.S. Army Chaplain who asked him to lead worship for The Rock service. The Rock was a contemporary service on Yongsan Army Garrison in Seoul specifically geared toward young GIs. While leading worship at The Rock and other military services, Tommy played not only for the men and women in uniform, but also for Anne Graham Lotz, Evangelist Billy Kim and several generals.

Spending two years writing songs and recording, Tommy released, Stand Upon the Rock, in November 2003. By spring 2004, he had sold over 2,000 copies in South Korea alone. He was blown away by the response he received. “I constantly receive testimonials of how a particular song blessed someone immensely. All this from songs about my walk with God.” Thanks to Tommy’s network of friends from the military, his album has received radio play here in the States. Faith Radio in Montgomery, Ala., and Praise 95 in Pensacola, Fla., are just two of the stations who have been playing Tommy’s songs. With sweeping arrangements and verses that truly touch the soul, it’s no surprise Tommy’s songs have garnered so much attention.

During the summer of 2008, Tommy also released a worship album, New Song of Praise. This brand new release contains ten original worship songs.

Now residing in Nashville, Tenn., Tommy intends to grow his ministry through his music. With music that appeals to the masses, he has been able to spread a message of hope and faith to thousands of people around the world.

Management: Brenda Cline (615)337-8023

"Tommy Job's 'New Song of Praise' is one of the most accessible worship
projects I've heard in the last few years. The flow and sing-a-bility of the
music and lyrics make it easy to enter into a personal time of worship and
praise. It is everything a worship album should be."

Kyle Liedtke, Music Director, KNLR/KNLX (Oregon)


Stand Upon The Rock (CD) 2003
New Song Of Praise (CD) 2008

Set List

I Won't Give Up
Move In Us
Make Me a Man
Rain From Heaven
People Get Ready
Amazing Grace
Stand Upon The Rock
Your Spirit Moves Me

9 song set is aproximately 40 mins.