The ROCKSHOW (Journey Tribute Band)

The ROCKSHOW (Journey Tribute Band)


Tommy K.'s ability to duplicate Steve Perry's voice makes fans believe they are truly listening to Journey. If you close your eyes, you too would believe it is Journey. Fans continually comment that Tommy is the closest vocalist they have ever heard perform Journey, he could be their next frontman.


Tommy K. lead singer/songwriter/keyboardest from Midland, MI. Well known in the state of Michigan Tommy shared the concert stage with many national artists such as: Aldo Nova, Jackyl, Firehouse, Ratt, Quiot Riot, Foghat, Loverboy, Blue Oyster Cult, The Tubes, Judas Priest, and the list goes on. His vocals are often compared to Steve Perry of Journey and can nail anything from Journey to Queensrcyhe to Bon Scott of AC/DC. His live performance truely shows his originality, hardwork and showmanship!
His songwriting has brought such local hits as "Someday Someway", "Closer", "Our Love", and "What She Don't Know". New hits "Real", "Everyday" and "I Know", have been going over very well live. "Everyday" has shown interest with Shoestring Entertainment, from LA.
Tommy K. wrote the music score, and theme song "Closer" for a documentary video entitled, "Deep Six" Titantics of the Great Lakes, produced by Ric Mixter and ImageWorks Ltd., which was aired on PBS Television. He also composes jingles, instrumentals,gymnastic floor music.


I Know
Follow Me
Wings On My Shoulder
Our Love
Someday Someway
Wanna Be
Lilypad People
Little Girl
I'll Be There
On My Way
We'll Be Together
My Love For You
What She Don't Know
What Did I Do

Set List

The ROCKSHOW performs the following Journey hits:
Seperate Ways
Anyway You Want It
Stay Awhile
Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'
Stone In Love
Don't Stop Believin'
Feeling That Way
Just The Same Way
When You Love A Woman
Be Good To Yourself
Ask The Lonely
Girl Can't Help It
Who's Crying Now