Tommy Mills & The Jade Amenity

Tommy Mills & The Jade Amenity


Combining early '90s aleternative timbres, '60s psychedelic fuzz laden melodies and haunting Vocals in the the vein of Jeff Buckley and Tim Buckley, Tommy Mills and the Jade amenityoffers something new with an edge that reflects their influences and personal experiences.


Tommy Mills has a true gift. A musical prowess that transcends any simple formulaic music on the radio nowadays. Not interested in falling into lines of conformity, Tommy's band, The Jade Amenity would like to take it to that next level and reach their music to the masses. Their dynamic live show has developed them a great fan-base that loves to see them perform. The music comes from a very personal and explicit place. Exploring different facets of the human experience, the lyrics show a honest and unique approach to an Alternative, Psychedelic rock. Tommy's philosophy to writing music is, "Play and write how you Feel. Not what you were told to feel." His influences range from; The Smashing Pumpkins, The Beatles, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead, Lou Reed, Nirvana, Tim Buckley, Jeff Buckley and many more. His versatile range of personal influences in conjunction with his own life experiences produce an individuality that is refreshing to the redundant material recycled through the radio. A true and legitimate passion for music is what drives Tommy Mills to write everyday. His expansive catalog of music is impressive and elaborate. A melting pot of various styles of music, that will remain timeless and continue to grow into an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. The Jade Amenity is an experience that is unique for all those who come in contact with the band! Stay Tuned~

24 year old Tommy Mills Started Playing guitar at the Age of 5. by Age 10 He had started playing in bands including with his father and friends. He started playing out profesionally in big venues and clubs at the age of 13, working with Frank Hannon of Sacramento sucess story, "Tesla" who was a Mentor as well as his band's producer from Late 1997 to 2000.

Tommy served 4 years with the Sacramento based band "Oil Kan" in which he had the honor for opening, supporting and sometimes appearing on stage with such national acts as Robin Trower, Gary Hoey, Pseudopod, Ross Grant, Eric Martin, Mr Big, Moon Dog Mane, Great White, E' Nuff, Z' Nuff, Lynch Mob, Papa Roach, Legs on earth, Tuff, Kicks, Brittany Fox, Tim Barnes (of Stone ground) Sal Valentino (of Beau Brummels and Stone Ground) Ratt, Tsunami Bomb, Ronnie Montrose, Bitter Grin, and many others. I was nominated for a "Sammie" (Sacramento Area Musician's music awards) In late 1999 or early 2000, Right before he turned 16 years old. Tommy and his band attracted interests of labels, (small and large) very known musicians/artists/producers.

In late mid to late 2000, Tommy had begun forming with existing members of Oil Kan, "No Sighlence" by early 2001 (This band would prove to be the proverbial prototype for "The Jade Amenity" later on) This project had gained major label interest With the independently produced Album "Sounds from Nowhere" with All material written and produced by Tommy. The album received airplay on alternative radio stations in the mid west, east coast and north west.

By the end of 2001, Tommy had done over 500 shows in 4 and a half years time All over California, recorded in the studio with very well known names (I.e Frank Hannon) and had the honor of playing with many known names on stage (I.e Gary hoey, Mark Farner of Grand funk Railroad serving as Mark's back up band during the "Oil Kan" period) and was just barely 18 years old. He took much needed time to relax and began moving on with his next project, after moving to Oregon. In February of 2002, He formed "The Jade Amenity". armed with an already extensive catalogue of songs, He began writing literally non stop and accumulated over 400 songs. Tommy Mills & The Jade Amenity has done many shows in the southern Oregon and California Area. Supporting such current acts as "Scary kids scaring kids", "The Chemistry" and Working with Sky Saxon of the Legendary 1960s band "The Seeds" on personal project production.


Kindergarden politics
Nothing of worth
Centered and pale (availble on compilation by cooltone records UK)
Little Grey Pill
Killing Time
Baby Jane

These and many others have received airplay on both internet and On Air Alternative radio in the U.S as well as the U.K and Europe (Germany, Italy, Greece, France)

Set List

Many of the songs list in our audio file are part of and are not limited to our live set which can vary by venue and application.