Tommy Ray and the Rayguns

Tommy Ray and the Rayguns


Tommy Ray and the Rayuns is a jet powered, rock and roll thrill ride.


Tommy Ray and the Rayguns have been making quite a name for themselves with their own brand of Greaser Rock. Hailing from Charlotte NC, Tommy Ray and the Rayguns have played venues from Kansas City, MO to New York, NY. Drawing from there vast influences Rock, Rock-a-billy, Punk, Surf, Metal, Honky Tonk, and Country, they take the crowd on a full throttle joy ride.

TRR was born in late 2007 in Charlotte, NC when the members and former members of several local bands got together to jam. It was soon apparent there was "something snappy" going on so after a couple months practice they hit the stage and have never looked back. The release of their first record 2008's "Jezabels Jukebox" found the band beginning to find a their niche and a voice of their own.

With musical influances that range from Merle Haggard to Mike Ness...from Hank Williams to The Clash...from Jason and the Scorchers to AC/DC their unique blend of musical influences have allowed them to obtain a sound that they can truly call their own and allow them an appeal to a wide range of audiences.

So if you want to light a fire under your audience, this is the band for your event,


Jezabel's Jukebox-released 2008

Set List

Typical sets are 1 to 2 hours with a 60/40 split of Original Material and Covers. Covers will range from Social Distortion to Hank Williams. However the quality and musicianship of this group allows them to present well known songs in a way that bares their signature sound.