Tommy Retro

Tommy Retro


Tommy Retro's music defies categorization in terms of genre. Some songs rock with a bluesy edge, while others enter the realm of melodic pop, but they all have one thing in common: They speak with the voice of truth.


Tommy Retro began developing his unique songwriting and playing style as a 16-year-old kid who couldn’t get enough of Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Led Zeppelin. After spending several years mastering the songs of his favorite bands, he began crafting his own tunes in 1985. Tommy’s songs run the gamut from melodic pop to blues-based rock, but even some of his mellow compositions feature searing, emotion-laden guitar solos that sound like no one else. Tommy relies on God to inspire his music — and with a catalog of 175 songs, God has definitely been good.


Album: 45
Singles: Janie Girl, Not the Same, It Was Me, And Die

Set List

Janie Girl, 45, There Was, It Was Me, Not the Same, The Other Side, When You Know, And Die, It's Just Your Life, As One, Away, Rain, Sittin' Back on a Rainy Day, Mark My Words, I Want You to Stay, Nothin' Ventured, Nothin' Gained, Over and Out, When It All Comes Down, Just Killin' Time, When I Found You, Wasted