Tommy Ross

Tommy Ross


A new and unique sound for the rock genre, integrating sophisticated and modern techno beats and patterns with classic rock themes and sounds. Clever and prolific lyrics that address a variety of subjects from world events to the funny quirks of life to that wonderful subject of love.


Growing up in the Hollywood Hills, Tommy learned both the guitar and piano at the early age of 10, but it wasn't until his days as a music major at Los Angeles City College that he began writing songs. Inspired by the huge new wave movement at the time, a series of free concerts at the John Anson Ford amphitheatre during the summer of 1980 with Michael Des Barres, Jamie Sheriff, and Oingo Boingo was the catalyst that made Tommy pick up guitar and pen.

Throughout the 80's and early 90's, Tommy wrote hundreds of songs and performed through his band INNOCENT BYSTANDER, which had several incarnations during the years, recording and performing at famous Hollywood clubs like the Roxy and Whisky on the "fabulous Sunset Strip." In 1992, he recorded a solo album called "Ghosts In The Firehouse," on which he played every single instrument. Unfortunately, the album was never released due to Tommy's continuing alcohol and drug addictions. After 17 years of alcoholism, in 1995, he hit rock bottom with an arrest for grand theft auto. While in jail, he had a deeply moving spiritual experience, and emerged six months later a new and sober man, and has remained so to this day.

Between 1996 and 2000, Tommy created Christian based music specifically designed to minister to sufferers of alcohol and drug addictions. During that time, he wrote three Christian rock operas that were all performed to standing-room only audiences. Many addicts made pledges of sobriety after the shows.

In 2005, Tommy decided to get back to the musical roots that he loved most, and developed a brand new sound mixing hip-hop and techno beats and patterns with traditional electric guitar and vocals. He built a 24 track digital home studio and wrote new songs and released a self produced CD called "Fairly Twisted Logic" Since then, he has released 7 cd’s of new music on his label Precious Jem Records, and written and produced songs for two documentaries. Besides working in the studio and performing live, Tommy hopes to eventually write music for other motion pictures, including feature films.


2007 - IDENTITY, Precious Jem Records (rock)
2007 - THE BLUE DOOR, Precious Jem Records (rock)
2007- INDIVIDUALITY, Precious Jem Records (techno/rock)
2007 - MUSIC TO WASH YOUR DOG BY, Precious Jem Records (instrumental soundtrack music)
2006 - ONE FOOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, Precious Jem Records (techno)
2006 - NEWSPAPERS ON THE FLOOR, Precious Jem Records (techno/rock)
2005 - FAIRLY TWISTED LOGIC, Precious Jem Records (techno)

Set List

Typical set list includes a cross-section of material from the 7 cd's released in the last 3 years. Because of the amount of material Tommy writes, there are too many songs to list, but usually about 10-12 are played at a single show. Covers are performed according to region. For example, in Los Angeles, usually one or no covers because of the demand for original music. However, in Palm Springs, several covers are done because those audiences like familiarity. Tommy is a showcase performer and does not do multiple sets, and is not a bar or lounge act.