Tommy Shots

Tommy Shots


Music that is always on the edge of not knowing what is coming next, and the listener always wanting to hear what is coming next, and by the end of their first listen never forget. Also especially known for our energetic live shows with passion and charisma that grabs the audiences attention.


The band first came together as four musicians who shared the same love for music and wanted to write their own material to express ourselves. Straight away we knew we were on to something special as we the bond between us writing music just came so naturally. The band has been gigging the Northern Ireland music scene now for almost two years and along the way have played memorable gig's at The Button Factory, Dublin and also recently last summer played to 5,000+ people at Custom House Square, at this years in Belfast. The bands fan base has grew very strong since our first band practice and we're ready to up to the next step. The bands influences include Aerosmith, The Answer, Motley Crue and Queens of the Stone Age to just name a few. The thing I feel that sets Tommy shots apart from other bands is our standard we always set ourselves, as we feel the quality of the music and the live presentation should be set at a high standard as first impression is everything. Also we feel modern music today lacks the guitar riff, which back in the 70's, 80's and 90's where back then it wasn't just the vocal melody that mainly carried the tunes the audience would passionately hum or sing along to.


Save Me

Written By: Alan Neil

Its been a while I’ve seen that smile and I know I will again,
Close my eyes and I see you there and your smiling back at me,
Think of you when I’m feeling low you will pick me up again,
See you walking on the other side and I need you hear with me.

I miss you holding on to me (Don’t let me go, don’t let me go)
I get so lonely without you (just stay with me, just stay with me)
Need you to save me.

Done some things that won’t make you proud but I know your there for me,
Workin hard in every way and it takes a lot out of me,
Rakin stones and digin holes just to make my life complete,
Building bridges that you left undone and it helps me in my sleep.

I miss you holding on to me (Don’t let me go, don’t let me go)
I get so lonely without you (Just stay with me, just stay with me)
Need you to save me.

I need you standing here with me,
I need you to set me life free,
Hold on to all my thoughts of you,
As I feel them guide me through.

Save me,
Save me,
Save me..


Our first E.P entitled 'Blown Up A Storm' sold out within its few of days of release, as we sold it independently and did a tour around the country to promote the E.P. 'Blown Up A Storm is also available through Itunes. The tracks Hide My Shame and Save Me both received song of the year nominations on, and in the end Save Me won the award. The track 'Given Away' which is also of our debut E.P received airplay on local radio stations such as sevenFM. Our second E.P which is just self-titled was released a year later. We decided to give away this E.P free at our own concerts as we felt this was a good marketing tool to spread the word of our band as an unsigned act. The track 'Fall of Faith' has been played on Rory McConnell's Radio One Show.

Set List

A typical Tommy Shots setlist would usually be an hour or an hour an a half worth of music. As we are a band not short on material. A typical Tommy Shots setlist would be:
1. Lemon Tree
2. Wizards Sleeve
3. Hide My Shame
4. Standing Tall
5. Save Me
6. Givin' Away
7. When It Comes
8. Fall of Faith
9. Satisfied
10. Hit The Rocks

When doing our own covers we like to add our own trademark to them. The common covers we would sometimes add to our setlist are: Four Kicks by Kings of Leon or Funhouse by Pink.