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Tommy Sims


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Written By: Tommy Sims

I hear your name, and I know that you belong, here in my heart to stay I hear your voice, and I believe in what you say you really gave you life for me how could I, have ever been so blind, you were always there for me though life could be so unkind and I waited so long to open my eyes, now I finally realize, we can live forever, Some may say the word is not true and we should just say goodbye, But I wont turn my back on you cause nobody knows me, better than you do, and when you speak right to my heart , I know that your word is true, He gave his one and only son, and Jesus it was you, who came to save the human race and can we live forever in your grace ,forever, here the word’s that I say, don’t throw His love away, let him into your heart and you'll live forever, Now I'm home, I should have known it all you never left me lord now you give to me these songs so maybe more will know there will be no mistake, Soon we all will see your face and we can live forever in your grace, forever, hear the words that I say don’t throw his love away, let him into your heart and you’ll live forever