Tommy Smoke

Tommy Smoke


Tommy Smoke is an original rock band with acoustic influence. We are compared at times to The White Stripes as Tommy Smoke is a duo consisting of a male vocalist/guitarist and female drummer. Different style but comparable big sound and undeniable chemistry. Going places without a doubt.


Tommy Smoke is joining of the exceptionally diverse talents of Warren Ayers and Laura Hunt. Warren Ayers is a prolific songwriter/vocalist/guitarist and harpist. Laura Hunt is a songwriter/drummer/guitarist/vocalist and mandolinist.The pair met in May of 2011 and soon formed a musical partnership that is now known as Tommy Smoke. In a mere 6 months they have accomplished not only the writing and producing of 25 plus songs but have also taken the initiative to focus diligently on the art of recording and have produced 2 albums independently under the name of Nebula Records, a self created label.


Tommy Smoke "She's The Queen" 11 Track Album (Rock Electric mainly with a few acoustic ballads)

Tommy Smoke "Sky's the Limit" 11 Track Acoustic Album