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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

New York City, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Rock Americana




"Tommy Zamp's "Romeo" You Don't Know me is a brilliant marriage and barrier breaker of genres"

Tommy Zamp is probably a name you’ve already heard of. Through his vast experience in live shows and tours around the US and UK he has collaborated extensively with various artists and is now preparing to release his new record “You Don’t Know Me,” supported by the momentum gaining single “Romeo.” With its distinctive rock n roll sound which carries you away, “Romeo” is one of those songs which is not just enjoyable at the pub but also in live gig settings, on the radio in your car and also pretty much at any time during the day.

Apart from its characteristic guitar sonorities filling in the background and foreground throughout the song, “Romeo” also presents the listener with Tommy Zamp’s versatile vocal abilities to deliver an immersive relatable narrative while also exploring powerful notes in the chorus which drive the music forward. Complementing the shapely vocal melodic lines are guitar phrases filled with energy and intent that carry you along and provide that authentic rock n roll sound which we all love, making Tommy Zamp’s music shine above the rest as it climbs up the charts.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja - AnR Factory


Zamp gets amped with NYC as the muse

Tommy Zamp only moved to New York City in 2006. However, it is clear that this has had something of an effect on the guitarist. Not just in the sound of “You Don’t Know Me” – which is absolutely rooted in the power pop of the East Coast – but in the lyrics of the record too.

“I’m just taking a walk around the night/ New York City, you’re such a pretty sight” is more than just the opening line on the record. Rather it frames the whole thing. The song that first gambit comes from, “Pretty Girls”, manages to almost bottle the sound of sunshine. Not dissimilar from the pop rock of Butch Walker, Zamp notices the women in “their little short shorts and their push up tops” but he’s not bothered. Why? Because he’s got a girl back home.

Not a record for those that want to wallow in self-pity, “You Don’t Know Me” instead absolutely loves life and relishes the day with a cheery smile. “Tattoos Of Stars” nods towards Jesse Malin, which is apt because not since Malin’s “Fine Art Of Self Destruction” has a record been so steeped in this town. It’s just here the “moon is a disco ball in the sky” and things are just dandy.

“Let It Go” as about as unashamed as pop music gets, while “Beautiful Losers” sees Zamp play some wonderful lead guitar and show why he’s been so in demand as a session musician, while the delivery here wouldn’t have been out of place on a Mott The Hoople song.

If a name we haven’t said yet was Cheap Trick, then “Romeo” changes that. You know it was coming, but it is great fun when it does, while “No More Lies” opens like one of those bluesy ballads that Aerosmith did in the late 90s with Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone on the videos.

A record that sounds like it was a blast to make, crackles with urgency throughout, but never more than on “Time” and it has got a pleasingly sleazy side too. “Calling Mother Mary” rattles along like prime New York Dolls.

The title track is a snapshot into the fact that Zamp could have made this anything he wanted. Brilliantly played rock n roll is the order of the day here. This is followed by the most ambitious cut on the record. There is just a whiff of Springsteen about the ballad “Dreams Are Made And Hearts Are Broken” and there is more of The Boss about the last song “Goodbye NYC”. The harmonica and the string drenched verses have a timeless quality.

He might be leaving, “to move out west” but you know he’ll be back. Those 11 years are in Tommy Zamp’s blood. You might not know him yet, but you soon just might.

Rating 8/10 - Maximum Volume Music

"Fireworks Rock and Metal Magazine"

Accomplished and notable musician Tommy Zamp breaks out to launch his solo career. Previously known for being a member of Fixer and Circus Life, Zamp has played with the likes of Candlebox and Fuel as well as sharing a stage with Blondie and The Beastie Boys. His musicianship is unquestioned, so how are the solo songs and does the album hold together? In short, the songs are rather good and the album is a fun night out with plenty of time to relax and reflect when you get home.
Getting the part started is 'Pretty Girls'; a joyous outburst of fun, it's Honky-Tonk Rock 'n' Roll packed with a sing-along "la-la" and "whoa-whoa" moments. 'Tattoos Of Stars' is equally exuberant party Rock that you cant listen to without smiling, while 'Let it Go' see Mink Deville meet T-Rex - it's Vivacious and so New York. "Beautiful Losers' delivers a late sixties feel and is delightful, then the first single from the album, 'Romeo' , is good old-fashioned Brinsley Schwarz Pub Rock.
As for other influences, 'No More Lies' is a little like Aerosmith's 'Crazy' (Aerosmith appear again in the rockier 'You Don't Know Me'), 'Time is heavier with a sleazy Slash vibe and 'Calling Mother Mary' is even harder with a menacing riff and a blistering solo. Rounding off the night is the captivatingly wistful 'Dreams Are Made and Hearts Are Broken' and finally the deeply reflective 'Goodbye NYC' which brings a tear to your eye.
This is just great but Tommy Zamp, please don't say goodbye to New York because you can hear it in your music and it's where you belong.
8 out of 10
- Ms. D - Fireworks Rock and Metal

"Roll up, roll up for some party time rock n’ roll."

AOR Magazine (Classic Rock Magazine) based in UK on shelves now!

“Roll up, roll up for some party time rock n’ roll.
Hailing from New York, Circus Life is a trio of established musicians. Little Secrets is their debut, offering 14 tracks (including a cover of Paula Abdul’s ‘Straight Up,’ with a great guitar sound, but sounding too much like the original). Tommy, Jakk and Rev deliver their songs with the energy and swagger of 80’s sleaze rock, in the vein of early Motley Crue or Faster Pussycat, but with a modern edge. The overall sound is tight and tuneful, with very heavy guitar in places. Tommy’s vocals on the slower tracks (of which there are several) show more depth to his abilities. Highlights are ‘Hard to Breathe,’ which is slow and melodic, and ‘Loud Talk,’ with its brutal intro and Steven Tyler-esque vocals. Formulaic and clichéd in places, Little Secrets is enjoyable all the same.” – 7/10 Stars - AOR Magazine - Classic Rock Mag

"Circus Life "Little Secrets""

Quintessential NYC sneer 'n' swagger propels dynamic, accessible material largely teetering on the right side of wrong. 7/10 stars - Classic Rock Magazine

"Circus Life "Little Secrets" Album Review"

Fireworks Magazine – UK Jan 2014
U.S. newbies Circus Life like to describe themselves as ‘pure rock and roll’, and it seems to be a trend that bands are happy these days to strip down to the basics and bash out a few guitar heavy tunes like their grandparents used to do in the late sixties, except with bigger flares.
They certainly start off on the right foot, with “Blown Away” hitting the listener like a bullet between the synapses. Yeah, it’s pure rock and roll all right, all attitude, alienation and, well, some other stuff that begins with ‘A’. It’s good, is what I’m saying. Tommy Zamp has a good, solid vocal that dances between Mick Jagger, Axl Rose and a ton of modern Indie singers, and he’s backed by plenty of crunchy, angry guitar tunes that straddle the indie and rock divide with aplomb. You have to enjoy a band with a song called “Quicky Licky Nicky’ – it’s a law, or an old charter or something. There’s also a nice ballad in the shape of “Little Too Late”, a decent, winding down instrumental at the end called “Muse”, plus a shite cover of that well known crappy Paula Abdul tune “Straight Up”. That aside, “Little Secrets” is a very strong album that should appeal to rockers, sleazebags and Kings of Leon fans alike.
When they go for it, Circus Life, are very entertaining indeed, with the more ballady tracks sensibly containing their own edge rather that being straight out blub fests. “I’m Leaving”, for example, is both wimpy and hard edged at the same time, which is a nice trick if you can do it. Overall, I think this is a fine piece of work, although it does lack a few ‘killer’ tracks that would elevate it to a more essential status.
Nevertheless, “Little Secrets” is a fine debut that crosses the borders between classic rock, modern rock and sleaze with some style.
Alan Holloway - Fireworks Magazine UK

"Circus Life "Little Secrets""

Quintessential NYC sneer 'n' swagger propels dynamic, accessible material largely teetering on the right side of wrong. 7/10 stars - Classic Rock Magazine


Tommy Zamp "You Don't Know Me"

New York, NY – Tommy Zamp is thrilled to announce the release of the his debut solo album, 

You Don’t Know Me, available everywhere on Nov 28th, 2017.

Known for his guitar work in hit NYC rock bands Fixer (Riker Hill Records) and Circus Life, Tommy continues to move forward and forge his signature style and sound.  His arsenal of Les Paul’s and Marshall amps help define his unique sound and musical flavor that draws influences from all over the music world, but most notably from Slash, Aerosmith and Butch Walker.

“You Don’t Know Me” is a brilliant barrier-breaking collection of songs that marries various traditional music genres. With the bluesy, honky-tonk opener, Pretty Girls, “You Don’t Know Me” takes listeners through a musical journey where no two songs are alike.  Further into the record is the carefree tune Tattoos of Stars and you just won’t be able to keep your foot from tapping along.  Then there is the hard-rocking Calling Mother Mary, a song sure to invoke your best fist-punching and rock horns thrown into the air.  The record ends with the heartfelt closer, Goodbye NYC.  Don’t be surprised if you shed a few tears.  Tommy Zamp takes away the need to make a playlist, and now you just have to press play.  The first single, Romeo, is out now - so go get a glimpse of what this record can do.  You Don't Know Me is leaving nothing untouched.

From his gigs around the US and UK, Tommy Zamp’s guitar playing and unique style have earned him the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of The Beastie Boys and Blondie and to play with members of Candlebox and Fuel to only name a few.  As his popularity grows, so will his influence on music. 



After moving to New York in 2006, within a few short months he joined NYC rock band Fixer.  Soon after, they signed a deal with Riker Hill Records, began touring nationally and had the pleasure of working with the late Bill Aucoin, former manager for Kiss.  

While touring with Fixer and other hired projects, Tommy has had the opportunity to share the stage with some of todays biggest rock bands like The Beastie Boys, Blondie, Blue Oyster Cult and Theory of a Deadman and even played with members of Candelbox, Fuel and Tantric.

After Fixer, Tommy started his band Circus Life and has been touring across the US and UK.  With two Circus Life releases under his belt, Tommy is now ramping up to release his debut solo album "You Don't Know Me" which is slated for a fall 2017 release. Stay tuned!

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