Tom Nesta

Tom Nesta

 Illinois, USA

"It's metal from the hills of the Ozarks, heavy, but with a distinct groove. We like to call it Test-tube Metal, 'cause we take different styles of metal, mix with a few other genres & shake 'till it explodes!"


Throw two metal-heads and a folk-rocker into a barrel, roll it off a cliff, and the large greasy splat mark at the bottom of the ravine is Tom Nesta. With song styles ranging from pure folk rock, to modern acoustic rock, these guys are trying to bring back the feel of the good ole American campfire song. Grab a lawn chair, or log stool and sit back to enjoy the tale of the last son of Alderaan, or Jaywalking. If youĂ‚’re looking for some mellow, yet edgy story telling, then Tom Nesta is your band.

Set List

We typically play 45 min to an hour.

the songs:

Road Signs
Last Son
What I've Done
New Moon
Inside Out
No One Knows
Angel Song

the covers:

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
Black Rain - Staind
The Airport Song - Guster
maybe some. . . Tenacious D