Tomorrow Come The Wolves

Tomorrow Come The Wolves


Tomorrow Come The Wolves have developed a notoriety for their unhinged and eclectic take on punk rock and for showing absolutely no restraint in their violent, unpredictable, high-energy and downright ugly live shows in which "blood is regularly shed and people's feelings are always hurt".


Tomorrow Come The Wolves are a four-piece punk rock band from the heart of the Black Country. Working prolifically since their inception, the band's live shows have left a mark on all those who witnessed them for their sheer bloodiness and feral atmosphere.

Their music fuses a driving backbone of early hardcore that frames a very diverse set of influences; from textural, atmospheric post-punk, through to abstract and abrasive no-wave and noise rock. This mix of insures each track has its own distinct identity without losing the band's trademark intensity.

The self-released 2011 album No Funeral showcases the live energy of the band on CD whilst honing the clarity and focus of the songs to their full potential.


2010 - Show Your Faces, Bare Your Teeth (demo)
2011 - No Funeral (self-released full length)

Set List

Song, the First
Torn Thin
Elective Mute
Everything Sounds Better
Meat Scarf
Hair of the Beast
War, Now
Hanging Head
All Roads Lead Outwards
Cut Knuckles
I Am An Animal