Tomorrow Day

Tomorrow Day

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Been together for over ten years now, still young (early 20's) hard hitting live shows, positive messages and an all round polished act. Epk doesn't do us justice. Email us if you want a full promo pack sent out. We're more then happy to.


Tomorrow Day

Hard hitting live shows, catchy rhythmical riffs, breakdowns, melodies and a passion that goes beyond any sense of normality for what they do – “Tomorrow Day” is a promising young act quickly bleeding their way into the limelight.

After almost ten years in the music industry (under numerous names with different members), the band went into hibernation for 8 months to re-assess their sound and create something that had never been heard before.

This period saw the band bring each of their individual talents and influences to the table. They later emerged with a contrasting and original sound which was the foundation of what is now called “Tomorrow Day”.

Still keeping a strong rock/ metal influence the boys broadened their sound to embrace many different genres including reggae, drum n bass, hip hop and even dub step, which is portrayed through a high energy, highly diverse set. The drive behind the band has always been for the love of the music, after almost a decade of constant writing, playing and performing with no financial gain at all the boys still take to the stage with the same passion that’s kept them going for so long.

2009’ will see the band continue to polish their sound, grow their fan base and attempt to play as many shows as possible to get their new name and sound out to the public ear. Highly inspired by life itself, this band thrives on making an impact on people’s lives through their music.

The past is gone there’s nothing we can do to change it, the present is right in front of us so make the most of it, but tomorrow holds the key to what is the rest of our lives.

Look forward to it, Be cautious of it, Embrace it – it is “Tomorrow Day”



E.P - self titled - 2003
E.P - "Read between the lines" - 2005
E.P - "Illicit" - 2006
Single - "Broken" - march 2009'
Single - "Karma" - june 2009'
E.P - " Tomorrow Day" - coming December 2009'


Set List

Two Faced
Decisions Made
So much we owe

Covers ranging from -

p.o.d - boom
collective soul - world i know
paparoach - last resort
salmonella dub - for the love of it
story of the year - until the day i die
micheal jackson - beat it

List goes on...