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"Paramount honors Piano with Pres. Carter, Black Sabbath, Tomorrows Bad Seeds."

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 11/12/10 — The 20th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards and its sister productions the Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards, and the Phoenix Music Awards are all rolled into one event on Thursday, Nov. 18th, 2010. The event is on the lot at Paramount Studios inside the historic Paramount Theater.

This year’s event coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the 75th birthday of the historic Paramount piano.

Attendees and honorees are expected to include former President Jimmy Carter, Black Sabbath, award- winning actress Sally Kirkland, Led Zeppelin / Jimmy Hendrix Music producer Eddie Kramer, former Senator Max Cleland, Night Rangers’ Jack Blade, TV and pop stars Josh and JB Welch and actress Leigh Taylor Young.

Perhaps youngest of the expected winners are Hermosa Beach, CA-bred Tomorrows Bad Seeds, who are up for the Commercial Success of the Year award, with 150,000 paid downloads.

The Sony/RED/MRI-distributed UrbanTone Records band is generating hits among a wide array of audiences, including among the Ganja generation. TBS have performed with acts like UB40, The Wailers and 311. There is buzz surrounding Tomorrows Bad Seeds as they shut down the 2010 Sunset Music Festival headlined by the Smashing Pumpkins.

Lead Vocalist Moises Juarez said “Our music is a fusion of different styles- a little west coast- and not just rock, but reggae, hip hop, punk, blues, R&B and alternative music. Really we play whatever the song calls for. We are never looking to make the song a certain way, we kind of go with the flow of the music.”

This mix of music brings people together and makes everyone have a good time. Some critics describe Tomorrows Bad Seeds as “Beach Boys meet Bob Marley.”

Paramount will honor the instrument that composed the original score to the Wizard of Oz in 1935 when it was first delivered to the lot. Since that year, this piano has composed nearly 800 movie scores on its eighty-eight keys. The piano will be played at the L.A. Music Awards Main Event by Italian pianist Adriano Aponte and White House pianist David Osborne, who will also perform with local actress and singer, Juliette Goglia. -

"Local Talent: Tomorrows Bad Seeds"

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds
Hometown: South Bay Los Angeles
Sound: Reggae, Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock fusion

These five bad seeds are turning heads across So Cal with their passionate performances and lyrically driven reggae-rock masterpieces. Lead singer Moi puts it all on the table in each track with his powerful pipes. His words are heard loud and clear as the band sets out to "stimulate the minds of the masses with free thinking and consciousness." Having already opened shows for similar acts such as Slightly Stoopid, Common Sense and the Expendables - the band is doing just that. Tomorrow's Bad Seeds debut album "Early Prayers" dropped June 16th of this year. - Andrew Ogren - SurfShot Magazine

"Great Sounds From Bad Seeds"

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds
by: Alee Thompson

If you're looking for something to up the ante of your iTunes library, your searching stops here. All you need to do is add water, and Tomorrow's Bad Seeds might just grow into one of your favorite new bands.

The five-piece group has made a name for themselves in California as one oft he most promising reggae/punk/rock bands around. Their sound, self-described as "a high energy rock tempo with conscious lyrics and reggae rhythms," is as addictive as it is infectious, pulling you in from the beginning with smooth vocals, intriguing lyrics and polished sounds.

While they started out as a three-piece acoustic group, TBS has grown onto Moi (lead vocals), Sean (guitar/vocals), Al (bass), Matt (guitar, vocals, decks, samples), and Johnny (drums). TBS have succeeded where so many other bands have failed in creating a new sound. Their influences span a range wider than most, crediting Slayer, Steel Pulse and 2Pac all in the same breath. With a drummer who likes to play hardcore metal tech and a singer who loves to sing R&B, the outcome could have been really bad or really good. Obviously, it was the latter.

"Early Prayers", their highly anticipated first album released by UrbanTone Records is a solid confirmation that this type of fusion music is not only possible, but something to love. The musicians bring their different styles and individual talent together to make a unique sound. Lead vocals by Moises are genuinely comparable to Sublime's late Bradley Nowell, and, alongside the band's equally talented musicians, have drawn critical acclaim and a solid fan base.

The guys are straightforward with their plans for the musical future, "We just want to tour the world by the likes of our music." They're taking things one step at a time, but their strides are getting faster with increasing outside interest in the Bad Seeds. The guys remain tight throughout, in it together 'till the end. "We're like brothers. It's like a family, like a marriage."

Although based in South Bay Los Angeles, TBS have made Hawai'i their second home, Taking time to make frequent trips to the Islands to gig. "Good people, good vibes. We love the weather, we love the surf, and I've got a lot of friends there," says Moi.

On top of an exhaustive schedule of shows along the coast of California, they keep their Hawaii fans happy by flying over for mini tours whenever the opportunity arises. While they started out on O'ahu paying a band in Waikiki twenty bucks to use their equipment for a set, shows today are packed with guys and girls skanking to their sound at Oahu's O-Lounge, Mikey's on the Big Island, and other venues throughout Kona and Hilo.

Their first trip as a band to Hawai'i, Tomorrow's Bad Seeds slept on pillbox in Kaneohe because they couldn't afford a hotel room. With the energy, determination and raw talent they bring to the music scene, their pillbox sleep over nights are definitely numbered. - Free Surf Magazine

"Tomorrows Bad Seeds Honored by USA4real"

The Reggae Ska Funk Dub scene became more bad than ever with the recent planting of Tomorrows Bad Seeds. A genre often heavily criticized after the death of the late great Bob Marley for copying, imitating, and never quite reinventing that Reggae sound. It took bands like Fishbone to evolutionize the mellow Reggae and incorporate that rocking funk to push the envelope and categorize the Ska element. It took a band like 311 and Sublime to commercialize it again. So bands like TBS could break new ground.

Now, with the long anticipated release of Early Prayer, their first LP produced by the Indie label Urbantone Records, the South Bay rooted Bad Seeds stay humble in not so humbling surroundings. It's not an easy thing to do with the beautiful beaches and girls of Manhattan Beach and the glam of Hollywood just up the 405 freeway. It can easily become background with new success as they begin to taste fame. The 5 piece ensemble makes waves in Tsunami proportions on Hawaii radio. Each island is picking up the Bad Seeds for local radio and to play shows. It's only a matter of time before the Left Coast catches wind and the southern beaches of Florida find TBS planted in their minds.

Early Prayers is a "Must listen, don't-skip-to-the-next-song-this-song-kicks-ass Album." Rhyme and Reason, Love Street, Warrior Poet, and Lost & Found are tracks that the radio could grab and take to the billboards. We don't like to single out individuals, but lead singer Moises Juarez has the smooth style with above Bob Marley potential. (If that's possible.) It's really too early to tell, the second and third albums are the true tests, but when you see TBS live you will understand. Why this sound was Lost and now it is Found by Warrior Poets on Love Street for the Rhyme and Reason that will be introduced to us: Moises Juarez, Matthew McEwan, Sean Chapman, Al Arnado, Johnny McEwan won't stay seeds forever. Even Tomorrows Bad Seeds have to grow into something bigger than their genuine purpose.
That's the Reggae Spirit.
-Luke Wryder

- USA4real


Debut Album: Early Prayers
Released: June 16, 2007

Sophomore Album: Sacred For Sale
Released: May 25,2011



Tomorrows Bad Seeds, “leaders of the new school” is a five piece American band from Hermosa Beach, California formed in 2004. Their Southern California influences helped yield their unparalleled sound. A coalition of rock and reggae, punk and blues, beats and riffs. From break dancing to spinning tracks these boys emerged into multi-cultural musical phenomenon with a cause. Tomorrows Bad Seeds aims to be a fundamental development in the reproduction of conscious music worldwide! Meet the Seeds: Moises Juarez (lead vocals), Sean Chapman (vocals/guitar), Mathew McEwan (vocals/guitar), Patrick Salmon (drums), and Andre Davis (bass).

January of 2011 began with an ignited fire. TBS started the year off by filming a music video for their fan loved song “Reflect”. Days later on January 12 they filmed their first national TV appearance for The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson which aired March 3, 2011. By the end of January TBS headed out for a four week tour with the legendary Wailers. Within days of the tour ending they teamed up with Katchafire and stayed on the road. Tomorrows Bad Seeds live shows provides a high-energy mix of rock, soul, pop, punk, reggae and hip hop guaranteed to move and inspire your soul. Since the band’s inception, they have shared the stage with the likes of UB40, 311, Slightly Stoopid, Pennywise, Pepper, The Wailers, Steel Pulse, Half Pint, The Expendables, Hed(pe), Eek-A-Mouse, Pato Banton, John Brown’s Body, The Aggrolites and Fishbone, just to name a few.

Tomorrows Bad Seeds continue to tour extensively amassing a large and loyal grassroots following which is rapidly gaining momentum. If you pay attention to their tour ethic, you will see their dedication to their music and fans. Following a sold out performance at the world famous Roxy Theatre on Sunset Blvd, the band went on the road with The Expendables touring in April 2010. In July the band showcased at the 2010 Warped Tour. With much anticipated buzz surrounding Tomorrows Bad Seeds, they shut down the 2010 Sunset Music Festival in August headlined by the Smashing Pumpkins. By October the band was back on the road for a co-headlining tour with Passafire. On November 18th, 2010 Tomorrows Bad Seeds received the “Commercial Success Award” at the Los Angeles Music Awards for having more than 150,000 downloads for 2010. This number continues to grow! On December 2nd, 2010 Tomorrows Bad Seeds headlined their very intimate “Holidaze Acoustic Tour” to promote their upcoming acoustic album to be released in 2011.

In this increasingly uncertain economical and political world we live in, Tomorrows Bad Seeds prove to be extremely talented musicians, vocalists and entertainers as a whole, using their music to spread conscious lyrics for the conscious mind. In 2007 Tomorrows Bad Seeds signed with Urbantone Records as a vehicle to spread their seed, the band released their debut album "Early Prayers" in June 2007, featuring the singles Rhyme & Reason, Vices, Warrior Poet and Love Street. (Love street hit # 3 on the Hawaiian charts.) Tomorrows Bad Seeds released their sophomore record entitled “Sacred For Sale” on May 25th, 2010 with UrbanTone Records, distributed by MRI a subsidiary of Sony/RED. You can find Tomorrows Bad Seeds music online on Itunes, Amazon, CDbaby, etc. and some retail stores. Our fans can reach us on top social media sites such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and on our official web page. “We’re so versatile because we come from such a melting pot of music here in the South Bay,” Moises said. “…We all grew up on punk, and then hip hop kinda came and took over, but we all loved oldies back in the day…we all surf too…it’s really just a blend of everything.”