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The best kept secret in music


"Tomorrow’s Excuse - Here Below the Lights - A-"

Selling albums usually depends on the lead singer. So, if you want to be in a band, find a great vocalist—which is the philosophy of Tomorrow’s Excuse. Lead singer Mike Meacher’s vocals are so good that he doesn’t need excessive drums or an overpowering guitar to drown him out. Instead, the music balances perfectly so that the album doesn’t seem like competing agendas, but a harmonic equality between instrumental and vocals.

After such a burst of raw emotion, a little part of me hopes that they keep getting their hearts broken so they can continue to write great lyrics—okay, a big part of me.
—Natalie Manni

- Natalie Manni - The Fulcrum

"Excuse Accepted"

Camridge band has made some big strides lately with a refreshing throwback to early ‘90s rock

Sometimes bands hit upon a sound not through emulating what’s popular; but simply by reacting against it. That seems to be the case with Cambridge quartet Tomorrow’s Excuse. Who are hoping to provide an alternative to formulaic hard rock with their more melodic sensibilities as powerfully displayed on their debut album, Here Below The Lights.
Although vocalist Mike Meacher understands that the band is only just beginning to make a serious first impression outside of their immediate surroundings, their music has been at least five years in the making.
“We all went to the same high school together, and (drummer) Mat Bowman and (guitarist) Steve Wallace have been playing together since they were 12. The last year has definitely been our most productive since we added (bassist) Dave Guenard and started making this album in Toronto.”
Meacher cites the band’s influences as being primarily early ‘90s rock of the sort that fell out of fashion with the emergence of pop-punk and the slew of Nickleback knock-offs.
“On this record we wanted to show that we have more of an artistic side than some other bands,” he says. “There are a couple of songs that are kind of poppy, but we’re really trying to break away from prepackaged sounds. I think people are getting sick of that stuff, and right from the first song, A Fly In Her Hand, we’re hoping to get that point across with how we structured it.”
Breaking standard conventions also extends to lyrics, Meacher adds.
“We don’t have a typical ‘rock song’ of a typical ‘love song,’ so I wouldn’t expect what we do to catch on right away. We definitely have an edge, and we talk about some sensitive subjects, which I think puts us in a more art-rock kind of vein. But we’ve got the chops too, so it’s just a matter of getting ourselves in front of as many people as we can.”
Tomorrow’s Excuse has made some big strides recently, making the finals of the Emergenza battle-of-the-bands competition, which will be decided at the Opera House in Toronto on June 10th. Meacher says the experience has made them realize the potential of their live show. He also says that playing their hometown on Saturday will give them an opportunity to try out some new songs, while fine-tuning others.
“We practice religiously three times a week now, and that’s made a huge difference,” he says. “We’re seeing a lot of the same faces every time we play, which is a good sign because we’ve never been overly concerned with fitting into the scene around here. There’s a few bands that we feel connections to, but I think we’ve always been conscious of blending genres.”
“That probably has something to do with the way I sing. My main influence has always been Tool and A Perfect Circle, so I’ve never been into the kind of screaming or monotone vocals that other people. If we could pick any band in the world to play with, it would definitely be Tool, although others in the band might say Pearl Jam.”
Tomorrow’s Excuse launches Here Below The Lights this Saturday at Fiddlers Green in Cambridge. The show begins at 9:30. For more info go to
- The Record - Jason Schneider

"Featured On Y108's "Get Hammered" Indie Spotlight"

Radio Show - Y108

"IndieCan: Episode 12"

Check out the new material performed live at IndieCan on Episode 12 of The Toronto Indie Scene.

Download it free at in the Podcast section.

- IndieCan

"CD release for Tomorrow’s Excuse"

Things are really starting to come together for local band Tomorrow’s Excuse. Along with the release of their debut CD Here Below The Lights, the local guys are heading to Toronto next month for the finals of Emergenza – Europe and North America’s biggest music contest.
“It feels like it’s starting to happen for us,” said singer/guitarist Mike Meacher. “Doors are starting to open for us.”
Tomorrow’s Excuse consists of Meacher, drummer Mat Bowman, guitarist Steve Wallace and bassist Dave Guenard.
The band dates back to the mid-90’s when Bowman and Wallace met. After meeting Meacher, it took sometime before Guenard was added to the mix. After years of local gigs and EP recordings, Tomorrow’s Excuse hooked up with management and recorded the 11 songs on their debut CD in six days.
Along with feeling slightly overwhelmed to be working with Toronto producer Steve Major, the veteran mixer didn’t believe 11 songs could be recorded in only six days.
“We proved him wrong,” said Meacher. “He said he had never worked so fast with a band.”
The result is a debut CD well beyond their years. Strong guitars and drums, mixed with Meacher’s straight-ahead vocals.
The band is also preparing for the Toronto finals of Emergenza, a festival where bands of all musical styles proceed through various elimination rounds, having the opportunity to play in major international venues.
Tomorrow’s Excuse has already beaten out 165 other bands and performs June 10 at Toronto’s Opera House.
“We already have two busloads of fans and friends planning to come,” said Bowman.
For now, the band is getting geared up for a CD release party. They perform tomorrow night at Fiddler’s Green.
- Cambridge Times ~ Jeff hurst


LP: Here Below The Lights (professionally recorded and ready for radio)
Single: Blue
Single: The Weight
These songs have recieved airtime on Y108 and various internet radio programs


Feeling a bit camera shy


Tomorrow’s Excuse


Rivalry, realization, and resilience are the three R’s describing the formation of Tomorrow’s Excuse. The musical rivalry between Mike Meacher and Steve Wallace as teenagers motivated the budding musicians to hone their skills and develop their creativity. It took the realization of drummer Mat Bowman that the energy which had been used to fuel the rivalry could be harnessed into one collaboration. With the threesome intact, they began the search for the missing piece. It took resilience as the threesome auditioned numerous candidates for the vacant bass guitar spot. Just as their patience began to wear thin, fortune smiled upon the men and the bright light they were looking for presented itself in the form of Dave Guenard.
Since the completion of this energetic quartet, Tomorrow’s Excuse has been writing, rehearsing, and recording their unique style of alternative rock. The Cambridge natives have been busy entertaining audiences throughout much of the province with their energetic live show, small town charm, and professional candor. The dedication to their musical craft is self evident in their debut album “Here Below The Lights” which was recorded, mixed and mastered by producers Paul Lau and Steve Major at Wellesley Sound in Toronto. “This release is a culmination of all we have strived for over the last few years. It is the perfect introduction of Tomorrow’s Excuse to the public” explained Bowman.

-Placed First Runner-Up out of 162 bands in Toronto's Emergenza music competition
-Dave wins a new Musicman bass "Best Bass Player" at same event
-Nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award in the category of 'Best Rock 2006'
-Featured on Y108's 'Get Hammered' Indie Program
-Played live and recieved radioplay on Indie Can Podcast Radio ( 'Episode 12')
-MySpace account has over 8000 genuine listens
-Merchandise Line Including Men's T-Shirts, Women's Baby Tee's, Stickers & Buttons

Influences: I Mother Earth, The Tea Party, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, A Perfect Cirlce, Tool, Led Zepplin, Big Wreck, Foo Fighters, Matthew Good Band, Dave Matthews Band, Peter Gabriel, and many more than we could possibly list!