Tomorrow's Excuse

Tomorrow's Excuse


Fresh New Edgy Rock with catchy hooks, strong guitars, heavy thumpn' bass, tight drum grooves, and impressively strong vocals that make the melodic lines of the songs stand on their own as unforgettable tunes with meaningful lyrics.


Tomorrow’s Excuse


Rivalry, realization, and resilience are the three R’s describing the formation of Tomorrow’s Excuse. The musical rivalry between Mike Meacher and Steve Wallace as teenagers motivated the budding musicians to hone their skills and develop their creativity. It took the realization of drummer Mat Bowman that the energy which had been used to fuel the rivalry could be harnessed into one collaboration. With the threesome intact, they began the search for the missing piece. It took resilience as the threesome auditioned numerous candidates for the vacant bass guitar spot. Just as their patience began to wear thin, fortune smiled upon the men and the bright light they were looking for presented itself in the form of Dave Guenard.
Since the completion of this energetic quartet, Tomorrow’s Excuse has been writing, rehearsing, and recording their unique style of alternative rock. The Cambridge natives have been busy entertaining audiences throughout much of the province with their energetic live show, small town charm, and professional candor. The dedication to their musical craft is self evident in their debut album “Here Below The Lights” which was recorded, mixed and mastered by producers Paul Lau and Steve Major at Wellesley Sound in Toronto. “This release is a culmination of all we have strived for over the last few years. It is the perfect introduction of Tomorrow’s Excuse to the public” explained Bowman.

-Placed First Runner-Up out of 162 bands in Toronto's Emergenza music competition
-Dave wins a new Musicman bass "Best Bass Player" at same event
-Nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award in the category of 'Best Rock 2006'
-Featured on Y108's 'Get Hammered' Indie Program
-Played live and recieved radioplay on Indie Can Podcast Radio ( 'Episode 12')
-MySpace account has over 8000 genuine listens
-Merchandise Line Including Men's T-Shirts, Women's Baby Tee's, Stickers & Buttons

Influences: I Mother Earth, The Tea Party, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, A Perfect Cirlce, Tool, Led Zepplin, Big Wreck, Foo Fighters, Matthew Good Band, Dave Matthews Band, Peter Gabriel, and many more than we could possibly list!



Written By: Mike Meacher

Every time I reach out, I feel so far away
Every time I scream out my words are swept away

As I try to hold on, Try to be strong, my thoughts will linger on and on
I'm living on.

All my life I've wanted this
I've waited for a sign to miss, lived in fear of apathy
my broken heart consuming me
If I lived another day
I'd change it all to find a way but end up always missing you
leaving us forever blue

When I realized we were fading,
I watched her slip away
knowing that my life I've waited for this, I lost myself today

Remembering times I looked in to her eyes, was it worth the lies? no..
Remembering times I didn't even try to stop her love from fading (to stop our love from)

The Weight

Written By: Mike Meacher

Here below the lights, a makeshift paradise, where nothing is as it seems
The pain, will bring us to our knees.

Here beneath the night, our souls will rest to rise, we're the cure for your disease...and the smell of gasoline

Underneath the lights we find
Our tortured souls are paralysed
When all want is empathy
to free us from the hate we feed
doubt, mistrust, hypocrisy were falling from this harmony

And if you lost your life would you try to turn back time?
Would you fly among the blue?
Live a life that's missing you...

Underneath the lights we find
Our tortured souls are paralysed
When all want is empathy
to free us from the hate we feed
doubt, mistrust, hypocrisy were falling from this harmony
Under the weight!
Under the weight
Under the weight
baby our hearts break


Written By: Tomorrow's Excuse

Ghosts in the train-wreck of reason
Are thrown to the wind, home again.
Red flows through the veins
The bones say hello.
In the ground we are alone.

In another way
You are a hurricane
And I am the earthquake

Lost in a moments delusion
Broken, you wait.
I am, I am afraid of what I have become
All our love below
In the ground we are always alone

In every other way
You are a hurricane
And I am the earthquake

You hold your breath
When I wouldn’t mind holding you down.
I wouldn’t mind shaking the ground.
I wouldn’t mind becoming one with your sounds.
I wouldn’t mind waking up from my dream now.

You are a hurricane
I am the all-faith, the all sane, the thought drain, I hesitate, I'm always alone.


LP: Here Below The Lights (professionally recorded and ready for radio)
Single: Blue
Single: The Weight
These songs have recieved airtime on Y108 and various internet radio programs

Set List

A healthy mix of originals and cover tunes.
Cover tunes vary from Nine Inch Nails to The Who.