Tomorrow's Ours

Tomorrow's Ours


Tomorrow's Ours is full of well-minded, kind hearted musicians that want our band to be heard and to be loved. We want the respect that all musicians should have. We bring all emotion to the stage and will keep that place on there feet. We promise not the disappoint and always leave with a smile


Tomorrow's Ours was born in the summer of 2008 as just an acoustic act. Robbie and Derrick and long time child hood friends who played in bands and together all the time. By that time they found Kathleen and thought that they should start something up. After about a year of playing just acoustic with a few shows here and there, they thought it should become a full band. David and George were also long time friends that grew up playing music together and played a few shows with Robbie and Derrick. So the 5 all paired up and it formed the in full line-up.
Since that formation, the band has released a 3 song demo and also and acoustic single.
We want our music to be both powerful and soft. We all range influences from The Who all the way to Misery Signals. With a bunch of other genres combined. Its music that everyone in the whole family can love and enjoy.


- 7 song acoustic CD (2008)
-3 song DEMO (2009)
- 1 Song single (2009

We have had radio play on 2 of our electric song in both Washington DC and Richmond

Set List

Comfort and Closure
I Caught my Shadow Dancing
Double D
Hope Turned To Promise

We sometimes play A New Found Glory cover only by special request