Tomorrow Today

Tomorrow Today


Nashville melodic rock-n-rollers, Tomorrow Today, have dedicated craftsmanship, reality-based songwriting, and seamless unison. A prominent lift-off is certainly in order.


Tomorrow Today Bio
Link Tipton- vocals/guitar/songwriting
John Pfaender- bass/vocals
Al Pearson- drums
Preston Lane - Guitar/vocals

There’s something to be said about sincerity and tenacity when trying to break into the music business and if there’s ever a group to personify both those terms, it’s melodic rock and rollers Tomorrow Today. The Nashville band has combined dedicated craftsmanship, reality based songwriting, a ministry mindset and a seamless unison between members, both in the studio and on the stage since forming just over a year ago. Add in the fact that they just so happen to be managed by Pillar’s vocalist Rob Beckley and bassist Michael Wittig (known to fans as Kalel) and a prominent lift off is certainly in order.

In fact, it’s been the friendship and professional relationship with Pillar that was, in a round about way, responsible for bringing the guys together, starting with vocalist/guitarist Link Tipton originally trying out for their guitar player position. Though he didn’t fill that vacancy, Tipton took to the road with the acclaimed Flicker Records act, earning the appropriate “jack of all trades” title on the crew roster.

“Since the band’s guitarist Travis [Jenkins] decided to stay in the group after all, I never got that slot, but I still wound up working with the band,” Link recalls. “I asked if they needed a roadie, and I started with that and did everything from merch to sound to stage load in and out to driving the bus.”

More than behind the scenes set up, the experience also led Link to form an eponymously titled band that would occasionally open up for Pillar and play one-off gigs whenever possible. That experience slowly transitioned the roadie turned record maker into performance mode and also became the catalyst for which he would meet fellow Nashville transplant John (who’d soon become Tomorrow Today’s bassist).

“We were actually offered a deal, but I just decided the whole solo thing wasn't a great way to go and wasn't God's timing,” Tipton summarizes. “And that’s when the doors opened to reconnect with John Pfaender."

From there, those guys and drummer Al Pearson adopted the moniker Tomorrow Today with the desire to push the harmony based alternative rock envelope, while sharing meaningful testimonies of struggles they’ve all been through. Though Link admits transition for a solo act to a band was a bit challenging at first, the chemistry clicked upon further investigation.

“We basically just started rehearsing together, then writing, then playing, then recording,” he says, referring to the timeline that led up to the band’s self-titled 2004 EP. “I don’t like the whole idea of only my name being on the line, so now it’s become a team of guys who love the Lord and want to make a difference together.”

Not only does the unit implement razor sharp guitars, infectious choruses, surf derived backbeats and what Link calls “crispy rock with soft vocals and uplifting melodies,” but the project is loaded with poignant musings. Aside from getting a taste of that introspection on record, Tomorrow Today perhaps best identifies with listeners through its stage show, which has already included opening spots for Switchfoot and Pillar, plus numerous regional shows. In that setting, the guys provide a cross between a high octane roller coaster ride and a series of spiritually charged sugar rushes, targeting everyone from teens to twenty-somethings to the older but still young at heart.

“One of the biggest things to me when we go and play is to make an impression on the hearts of those hanging out at the show,” Link confirms. “Often times I’ll look on from the stage and see who’s kind of off to themselves and may be feeling really alone and I’ll try to make a connection with that through a message before a song or through a lyric. I make a point to go up to them after a show and try and get to know them. We’re not trying to be rock stars, but to be Godly and guide people whenever we can.”

That genuineness, coupled with the sheer vocal and instrumental skillfulness of its members, is likely to etch a much deeper impact than the current flavor of the day or shooting star of the moment. Tomorrow Today is poised for the long haul, striving to excel in each area of its craft, while leaving each decision entirely in God’s hands.

“We’re not really putting on boundaries of God or what he can do,” summarizes Link. “We want to display real hearts and show what it means to be Christians. God has open so many doors that we’ve already walked through and He has no limits. We’re here to remain faithful each step of the way and take it one day at a time.”


4 Song EP produced by Travis Wyrick who also produced P.O.D., Pillar, Disciple, Copper and many more.

Co-wrote Pillar's "Further From Myself" released on MCA as well as a "Top 10 CHR Hit."

Set List

This is our typical set list that usually lasts about an hour. Most of our set contains original music, but we like to throw in a couple of well-known grooves to engage the audience.

Survey - 3 min.
In My Window - 3 min. 30 sec.
Third Eye Blind Cover Song
There You Go - 3 min.
Lately - 4 min.
All of the Time - 4 min.
Addiction - 4 min.
Ohio - 2 min. 30 sec.
Campfire Night - 4 min.
I Gotta Try - 3 min.
Counting Crows Cover - "Long December" 4 min.
Backbone featuring Mullet Man - 4 min.
Encore - I Am With You - 4 min.