Tomorrow We Radio

Tomorrow We Radio

 York, England, GBR

Tomorrow We Radio fuse old-school British rock (think Hundred Reasons, Reuben) with modern pop sensibilities (try Kids In Glass Houses, Twin Atlantic) and throw out an explosive, kinetic live show which critics have described as "never failing to disappoint".


Formed in Darlington and quickly relocating to York, 5 piece rockers Tomorrow We Radio draw their influences from the British rock scene (think Hundred Reasons, Kids In Glass Houses) producing big riffs and huge choruses.

Impressive live shows and BBC Radio exposure has led to the band sharing stages with Exit Ten, Fei Comodo, Jody Has A Hitlist, Don Broco, Lower Than Atlantis, Failsafe, Scholars, Dave McPherson (InMe), Proxies, Random Hand, Kill Casino and many more.



Written By: Tomorrow We Radio

You take the lead,
And I'll follow you, but for only for so long.
There's no guarantee the words you say,
Will always be that way.

So I'll wait for you,
'Cos it's only a matter of time.
I'll wait for you,
To change your mind.

We know no other way,
But to do this with you.

The words you change to make them see your way,
They're not what you used to say,
What made it be this way?
We came to get the story straight,
To hear how you really feel,
We shouldn't have to wait.

The way it turned out we feel let down.
We're fucking outraged.

'Cos we all lie,
To protect those that we dare to hold close.
The truth is always harder,
So hard to tell.

Dead Streets

Written By: Tomorrow We Radio

It’s not a run away,
I just needed to escape again.
Leave past fears behind,
And find the open roads out there.

The only stories you’ll hear,
Are the ones where I won’t let you down.
And all the wrong you’ll hear.
Throw it out, into the ocean.

No excuses left, no time,
For you to see a change of heart.
One great chance,
On this great escape,
For me to play the part.

I’m tired of chasing dull lights down dead streets,
To the same nights and stupid fights.
Old faces looking back at me,
Saying words, I don’t wanna be.
Chasing dull lights down dead streets,
To the same nights and stupid fights.
All the old faces looking back at me,
Saying words, not to me.

I will find my own way,
You can waste your own time.


Written By: Tomorrow We Radio

The night begins with hope,
of more than ending in defeat,
of fumbling in strangers arms,
as you tangle in your sheets.

But second chances and missed glances,
a need to play over circumstances,
tonight are in stranger's eyes.

You take a hand tonight,
and wonder where it's going to end,
as strangers, as passers by,
close your eyes and pretend.

Can you break free of your routine,
do you long endlessly,
are you craving to be free,
is it too late to see?

Don't you know, you're on your own?
No one can find you.

What is it you fear,
losing youth or independence,
falling in love or getting near,
letting close and having patience?

Your second chances and missed glances,
need to play over circumstances,
won't keep you warm tonight,
disappear and haunt the night.


Cameron - Debut Single 2012
Tokyo / All You Said - self-released 2011
Sunlight EP - self-released 2011