Tom Prasada-Rao

Tom Prasada-Rao

 Richardson, Texas, USA

Tom Prasada-Rao is a rare and brilliant performer. His fine voice and guitar work hold you spellbound while he heals your heart — David Wilcox

Tom Prasada-Rao is as far from boring folk music as you can get and still be holding an acoustic guitar — The Free Times


"A virtual world music ensemble rolled into one guy. His voice weaves incantations, and the guitar is a magic wand in the hands of this extraordinary musician" —The Takoma Park Folk Festival

"Visually and musically, Tom is the most compelling presence to emerge in the singer-songwriter genre as I've seen in a long time" —Jim Bessman, Billboard Magazine

Tom Prasada-Rao is a musician's musician - an unassuming presence on the folk scene since the early nineties. His voice belies his musicianship and his extraordinary songs. From Rishi’s Garden with it’s homage to Ravi Shankar to the groove of Sleeping Beauty , Tom’s music is melodic, ambitious, and reverent. He's starting to tour again and is currently featured on the nationally syndicated TV show Troubadour Texas.

In the fall of 2007 Tom quit the road to produce records, raise two stepdaughters, and walk a rather large Golden Doodle named Thurman twice a day. In addition to producing, he took a job teaching music at White Rock Montessori in Dallas - TPR was formerly the songwriting teacher at The University of Virginia’s Young Writer’s Workshops - where he created the songwriting curriculum and taught for eight years.

From headlining major festivals 15 years ago, to the relative obscurity of his recording studio - Tom has continued to mature as an artist. That work has blossomed into an impressive resume of producing credits (Johnsmith, Cary Cooper, Rachel Bissex) as well as cuts (his songs covered by other artists). This year (2012) will mark Tom’s first solo release in 10 years - featuring bass guitar legend Chuck Rainey (Steely Dan), and piano virtuoso Julie Bonk who was Norah Jones teacher - all masterfully produced by Jagoda.
Tom Prasada-Rao was born in Ethiopia of Indian parents and raised in Washington DC. His music reflects the spiritually of his ancestors, and the groove of his hometown. He moved to Texas in 2003 and is married to singer-songwriter Cary Cooper.


Adagio (In Production) - Tom Prasada-Rao '12
Goodnight Regret - Tom Prasada-rao '10
Luv Songs for Grown Ups - The Dreamsicles '05
Honor Among Thieves - The Sherpas '03
The Dreamsicles - The Dreamsicles '03
Out of the Blue - Tom Prasada-Rao ’00
Christmas in the Ashram - Tom Prasada-Rao '98
Hear You Laughing - Tom Prasada-Rao '97
The Way of the World - Tom Prasada-Rao '94
Incoming - Tom Prasada-Rao '92 Produced by the late Mark Heard

Gravity of Grace Johnsmith ’09
Dirty Little Secret Cary Cooper ’09
Day Will Come Neal Katz ’09
Songs for Sad People Kate Graves ’09
Christmas Gift Cheryl Branz ’08
Chantdance Bliss Wood ’08
Ample Patience Barb Garriel ’08
My Sacred Heart Erik Balkey '08
Family Album Erik Balkey ’08
Dreamers, Lovers, & Outlaws Michael Bowers & Siobhan Quinn ’07
Deadpan Alley Erik Balkey '07
Butterfly Lauren Lapointe ’07
Yellow Cary Cooper ’06
Remembering Rachel Various Artists ’05
Winds of the World Annie Wenz ’05
In White Light Rachel Bissex ‘04
Here Now Kristin DeWitt ‘04
Reluctant Believer Michael Bowers '04
Gypsy Train Cary Cooper '02
I'll Know You Carey Creed '02
Poet's Dance Annie Wenz '01
Falling Ashes Ranjith '96.
Home and Heart Christmas Various Artists '89
Lord of All The Prasada-Rao Family ‘86

Last One Gone, David Wilcox Into the Mystery
See Myself in You, Randy Travis Inspirational Journey
See Myself in You, Tom Kimmel Shallow Water
The View from Here, Bob Bennett The View from Here
From the Dust, Ronny Cox Cowboy Savant
Whisper of the Wheels, David Wilcox What You Whispered
Gravity of Grace, Johnsmith, Gravity of Grace
Dirty Little Secret, Amy Speace, The Killer In Me
Dirty Little Secret, Cary Cooper, Dirty Little Secret
Everything Is Coming True, Cary Cooper, Dirty Little Secret
Have Faith In Me, Cary Cooper, Dirty Little Secret
Thinking About It, Cary Cooper, Dirty Little Secret
Consider Me, Cary Cooper, Dirty Little Secret
If God Is An Apple, Erik Balkey, My Sacred Heart
Stand Up!, Freebo, Before The Separation
Rishi's Garden, Broto Roy, American Raga
Sleeping Beauty, Lauren Kilgore, Today Is Mine
The One Who Leaves, Michael Lille, Suitable Disguise
Hard to Walk Out on a Deal, Tom Kimmel, Light of Day
Can't Get You Out of My System, Tom Kimmel, Stories
On to Something, Tom Kimmel, Stories
Doin' It for You, Michael Lille, Never Home to Stay
Lefty's Boys, SGGL, On the Shoulder
Darlene, Penny Nichols, Harmony Background Singing
Mrs Whitney, Don Conoscenti, My Brilliant Masterpiece
One Another, Rachel Bissex, Between the Broken Lines
Someone's Got to Pay / Injustice, Chris Chandler Collab.
Falling Star, Kristin DeWitt, Here Now
Falling Star, Jay Be, Acoustic Passion
Falling Star, Jerry Bresee, Lifelines
Incoming, Natalie Withers, Blessing Indie Skies