tom pullin

tom pullin


A strong70's&80's genre with some throwbacks to the late 60's.It is not easy to pigeon-hole his work and the lyrics tell a story rather than focusing on a social response.


Starting in Cleveland,Ohio,singer/songwriter Tom Pullin was part of a popular area band,The Saxons,before moving to Toronto in the late60's to get in touch with his Canadian roots.Tom and his art school buddies used to hang out jammin at The Beverly on Queen st before it was cool.Influenced by the great rock and blues guitarists,like Mike Bloomfield,Danny Kalb of the Blues Project,&Jimi Hendrix.He honed his craft hoping someday like his peers to find a place in rock history.He's a solid entertainer!


Lucy B

Written By: Tom Pullin

The story about the life of a poor girl and her search for happiness and love
Lucy B
Lucy B was born dirt poor,
she was ashamed to show her face.
All the kids would laugh at school,
her life was such a disgrace.
But her mom would say"Lucy B don't you fret,
it won't always be this way,
Someday maybe you'll be an astronaut or maybe a movie star.

Music echos down the corridor,
and out into the street.
I'm waiting for some friends of mine,
beneath a shady tree.
Time as past as I wait,
I can't beleive my eyes.
Your standin' right in front of me,
my old friend Lucy B.

Lucy how as life been treating you?
She answers with her eyes,
I've seen alot go by and yet,
I still hold the hope.
That love will find it's way back home,
into my broken heart.
And life will be worth the pain it takes to get a brand new start.


Written By: Tom Pullin

woke up next to an Angel
thought my time had come.
Rubbed the sleep from my eyes,
was my true love lyin' there.
Many a night i've been lonely,go through the motions day by day.
No love was waitin' for me, felt the ache of loneliness.
You were there,with a song for my heart,
you were there fo me
Oh how time has changed things,
and you came into my life.
Never knew the meaning of life,til I made you my wife.
Ilook back on all those lonely day,
wonder how I made it through.
I thank god for your devotion,
couldn't make it without you


Written By: Tom Pullin

Here's ole Boby ,he's got a full time gig,
Workin' in a bakery throwin' loaves in a bin.
Sometimes he works,days sometimes he works nights.
And he floats through his life like kites on the wind


TomPullin...for the rest of your life
TomPullin...Another Year

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