Tom Schuman

Tom Schuman


Long before Spyro Gyra, Tom was raised & schooled in the original jazz traditions: Oscar Peterson, McCoy Tyner, Ahmad Jamal, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughn, Thelonious Monk etc. Tom Schuman has come full circle …a jazz pianist, creating beauty & preserving the past.


It’s hard for many to disassociate the name of Tom Schuman from Spyro Gyra, but Schuman has come full circle into the light…a jazz pianist, creating beauty and preserving the past.

“There comes a time, perhaps after years of trying to fit into a particular groove or walk a particular walk, when something magical happens. The artist crosses over into a realm where beautiful music pours forth like it had been imprisoned somewhere in the dark recesses of his soul. Delivering yet another outstanding CD on his own label, JazzBridge Music LLC, Tom Schuman proves he’s definitely come into his own.” Suzi Price

While Tom has a long and critically acclaimed career composing and performing fusion and smooth jazz, he is also an extraordinarily gifted classic jazz composer and performer. As he moves forward with the expansion of his solo career, his focus is on acoustic trio and quartet performances of classic jazz and standards.

Tom Schuman has been the keyboardist for Spyro Gyra since he was 17 years old (before the release of their very first album). He has performed on all of Spyro Gyra's albums to date and has written or co-written over thirty-five Spyro Gyra compositions since "Catching the Sun". He released his first solo record, "Extremities", in 1990 and has plans to continue his solo career along with his Spyro Gyra commitments. His dream is to someday be able to balance his solo career with guest appearances on albums of other artists as well as Spyro Gyra and find the time to score a movie or two. Who knows, with music as a vehicle, there will be no limits to Tom's creative influences on the sounds of the future.

His first solo release on JazzBridge, the critically acclaimed Into Your Heart, was the beginning of his growing focus on more traditional jazz music, especially piano trios. Tom released an all acoustic jazz CD, Schuman Nature, in March, 2003. Schuman Nature rose to number 27 on the Jazzweek charts. He continues to contribute contemporary jazz compositions as well as do more producing for his label, JazzBridge Music. Recently, he produced Steve Oliver’s third CD, 3D, which will be released August 2004 and is already quickly rising the smooth jazz charts.


You Save Me

Written By: Godwin Carmona

You Save Me
(Music & Lyrics by Godwin Carmona) ©2001
Dedicated to the heroes and the victims of the September 11 attack
September 16, 2001, New York, NY

Verse 1
As I pass through this cruelest of nights
Compelled to ask if the world’s lost its mind
Just when I think I’m pinned in by the fright
All is still
And fears subside
‘cause I realize that…

You save me
With the gift of love you gave
To hold my head up in the dark and
You save me
With the gift of love you gave to heal this heart

Verse 2
When I reel from the stories I’m told
Overcome as pictures take hold
Just when all I say seems a desperate reply
I find the will
And fears subside
‘cause I realize that…

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
As I sift through the sadness that surrounds
Too numb, too broken to utter a sound
Just when I think I’m never coming ‘round
All is still
I have to try
‘cause I realize that…


All EPs:Extremities; Into Your Heart; Schuman Nature

Spyro Gyra; Morning Dance; Catching the Sun;
Carnaval; Freetime; Incognito; City Kids; Access All Areas; Alternating Currents; Breakout; Stories Without Words; Rites of Summer; Point of View;
Fast Forward; Collection; Three Wishes; Dreams Beyond Control; Love & Other Obsessions; Heart of the Night; 20/20; Spyro Gyra 1977-1987; The Best of the First 10 Years; Road Scholars; Got the Magic; In Modern Times; Original Cinema; The Deep End
(Steve Oliver) 3D; Positive Energy
(Marshall Keys) Times Alligned
(Jason Miles) Maximum Grooves Coast to Coast; To Grover With Love; Celebrating the Music of Weather Report

CD Single (Godwin Carmona) You Save Me

Set List

Typical set might include: Nefertiti; Moon Germs; Search for Peace; Waltz for Debbie; Thelma Faye; and any other jazz standard.