Tom's Hayloft

Tom's Hayloft


Great musicianship, deeply rooted in blues and jazz. Original sound and material. Great melodies and well developed songwriting. Committed to performing great music above all else.


Tom's Hayloft started around the winter of '03 when Jon Seale and D.J. Pope began playing bass and singing, and guitar (respectively), and writing some songs, albeit crappily. Michael Cole was soon added on drums, and David Boggs on guitar and vocals. After debating on what the name of the group would be, the band decided on "Soultero". David Boggs left the band around the summer of '04 (because of different style preferences), and the three remaining members added Jonathan Joe to the band on lap/slide, rhythm, and lead guitar, and recorded an EP called "The Batcave Sessions" in September of that year. It contained 6 original songs. The band decided that "Soultero" wasn't that great of a name (not to mention fairly difficult to pronounce), and the name was changed to "Tom's Hayloft," after a journal written by Seale's late grandfather. James Lengal was added as the new drummer soon after, and Cole switched to rhythm guitar. Gigging at various parties and small venues followed, and in summer of '05, Joe left the band due to schedule problems. James was then replaced by John Cable on drums (due again to style preferences), and Tom's Hayloft, in a true sense, was born. Much gigging occurred in '05/06', including opening for Oteil and the Peacemakers at Mercer, and playing at the Capitol Theatre for a sold-out crowd. Creative energy was able to flourish within this lineup, and the original songs became much more mature and better than the "Soultero" EP that was recorded back in 2004. The newest album (of all original songs) was recorded in Dec. '05/March '06 and was called "No Train Tonight." The band's originals sound like a mix of many different influences, from the Allman Brothers to Jack Johnson. Ryan Whitehead, a seasoned jazz musician, was added to the lineup in May '06 on Saxophone and Flute, rounding out the jazzy, bluesy sounds of Tom's Hayloft


LPs - No Train Tonight, 2006

Set List

Bound for Nowhere
Take My Time
No Train Tonight
Every Single Day
Stand Strong
End of the Day
Thank You
Long Way Down
Ghost Town Blues
Echoes (Pink Floyd)
Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan)
No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley)
Blue Sky (Allman Brothers Band)
Ain't No Use (The Meters)
Helpless (Neil Young)
Soul Sacrifice (Santana)
Chameleon (Herbie Hancock)
#41 (Dave Matthews Band)
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Allman Brothers Band)