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So Good To Me

Written By: Tom Shirley

So Good to Me

It’s a touchy situation, nobody move too fast

Trying my best to make a stand, trying my best to make it last

All my love and adoration, size of a grain of sand

Wasn’t enough to make you mine, wasn’t enough to win your hand


And you…. look so good to me

You……look so good to me

You got me wanting you so bad that I can’t get to sleep

Whoa- You look so good to me


When I try to talk to you, you turn and walk away

I guess the pain you put me through will break my heart some day

But I’ll just keep on getting up each time you knock me down

And hope that maybe, someday baby, you would be around

Sitting on my back porch swinging, trying to write this song

Wishing that you would listen too, hoping that you would sing along

But I guess I must be dreaming, things that will never be

Dreaming that you would open up, and give your love to me

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Toe Taters

Written By: Tom Shirley

Toe Taters

I thought I had something

Caught between my teeth

It felt like a popcorn hull

Giving me some grief

I went to a dentist

He looked in disbelief

He said you’ve got an ear of corn

Growing in your teeth


I went to a farmer

To see what could be done

He said he could not harvest it

The corn was much too young

I went to a baker

This is what he said

“If you would just grind your teeth

Then we could make corn bread”


I went to a doctor

To get me some relief

He said that there was nothing

That he could do for me

He said I’d have to live with it

So this is what I chose

So now I’m growing taters

In between my toes


Harry's at Four

Written By: Tom Shirley

8 3/08
Harry’s At Four

There’s a little store
In the blue ridge mountains
Where bluegrass is heard each Wednesday at four
The music rings out like a national anthem
It greets everyone as it comes through the door

The blood lines run deep in the people who live there
But even a transplant can have a good time
No matter the age and no matter the gender
All who come to Harry’s are in for some fun

The banjo rings out just like choir bells from heaven
The guitar and blues harp they blend in so fine
That ole lonesome yell seems bring forth a healing
Joy to the heart in a difficult time

A doctor may see you a prescribe a potion
To relieve the stress and pain of this world
No potion that’s given is quite as effective
As bluegrass at Harry’s each Wednesday at four


Daddy's Little Angel

Written By: Tom Shirley

Daddy’s Little Angel

Well I passed a little car, she’s in the left hand lane

Doing five miles under the limit

Then I took a long look in my rear view

Just to see who was in it

The cutest little thing that I’ve ever seen

Was flipping through the pages of a magazine

Talking on the phone and drinking a drink

With one arm out the window


Daddy’s little angel is in the left lane

Putting on her make up and doing her thing

Well she won’t get over and she’s making me late

Cause Daddy’s little angel always gets her way

From the time she was a young ‘un till the age of eighteen

Being raised by parents who were blessed it seems

Now she’s running down the road

Chasing after her dreams with one arm out the window

Well I spend my time at the “Five and Dime”

Pulling forty hours every week

About the time that five o’clock comes around

You could say I was ready to leave

Then I jump in my car for that short ride home

But there’s somebody putting her make up on

Drinking a drink and talking on the phone

With one arm out the window



Well I tried to be calm and I tried to be strong

Then I passed her in a no passing zone

She just keeps on going, now don’t that beat all