Tom Throws

Tom Throws

 Cobleskill, New York, USA

Songs that groove, provoke & inspire, Tom Throws' (newly adopted stage name) songs tell the stories of people he's met and loved, fought for and been done by; a challenging lifetime adventure of his quest to persuade everyone to turn off their t.v.s and check out the local scene!


Native to the northern Catskills, Tom began playing blues guitar with Gary Smith (the elusive, holy Smiths) but an encounter with Doc Watson took him in a roots+ countryblues+swing direction. He played as a sideman for many years in bar bands and is a recovering jazzaholic. A convicted soloist, throws brings that 'on the edge of your seat' excitement to each performance with his daring, illegal solos and is known for pushing the musicians he plays with to new heights of creativity. He recently played and sang for the installation of the President of SUNY Cobleskill and is currently at work on an oft requested second album 'Tom Throws', due out on January 1st, 2010.


She's Gone

Written By: Tom Wadsworth

She's gone . . . . . . .
But she's here . . . . . .
Comin' home from the mountains last night, she was so near.
She drifts . . . a boat
In her own mind . . . . . . . .
Lookin' for the happy little life, she never could find.

Her friends . . . . . .
Don't call . . . . . . .
Except for the ones who are dead, with them she' havin' a ball.
Her kids, once in a while
They make the trip . . . . . . .
Last time they saw her she was startin' to slip.
Her life . . . .
Very near the end . . . . . .
Must be awful damn lonely when you feel like you haven't a friend.
Not far . . . . . .
To go . . . . . . .
The distance is all in your mind
can you let your mind flow?

She pulls . . . . pulls at the
strings of my heart . . . . . . .
The few that are left, the ones she couldn't ever rip apart.
She waits . . . . . .
To die . . . . . .
No more crossword puzzles, no dancin' whiskey sours with rye.


2004 Skeleton Man (first full length disc).
Local 518 radio show/interview aired August 13th and 16th on 97.7 WEXT. Airplay on WEXT.

Set List

Sample Set List:

Howes Cave Blues (SM)
Year of the Showers*
Jailhouse Blues (c)
Old Soda (SM)
Tell Me*
Skeleton Man (SM)
She's Gone (SM)

Typical sets run 45 minutes to and hour and a half and include new songs to be released on the new disc (*), songs from 'Skeleton Man' (SM) and one or two covers (C) from musicians who inspire me.

Covering songs from the Delmore Brothers to Bob Dylan and other blues and roots players, popular repertoire of the first half of the 20th century and the occasional classic rock era song and beyond.