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"Ridin and Drivin"

Written By: tom toth

#1- Now moma me and rita left ol' rockford in a flash we left all our clothes there and we did'nt have much cash and I guess we where running fromm dear daddy and his drinkin ways well I'm not sure if I'll miss him but I loved him anyway -Chorus- and were"Ridin and Drivin" thats all we ever seem to do and that car that we were ridin in somehow always pulled us through and rita read the roadmaps and I watched for the signs and she always got the front seat damn near most of the time #2- When we mad california the tires on our car were almost gone but for the first time in a long time you know we felt like we belonged and times well they got better but I guess I new they would just moma me and rita doin the best that we could Chorus: Repeat Refreain: Yea we sang songs like Rock of Ages,Amazing Grace,and Why me Lord Gimmie that old time releigon were just a few when we got bored and I still beleive that jesus was sittin in the back seat of that of that ford yea in the back seat of the ford