Tom Tucker

Tom Tucker

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Tom Tucker creates music for the middle class listener. His music is aimed at those who are considered too average to stand out. Often we get caught in the perception that hip-hop artist should be from the ghetto or filthy rich. Tom Tucker creates music for the person that is neither.


Tom Tucker was born Joel “Ja” Porter II. Born in Oklahoma City, Tucker uses his life experiences to influence his music such as growing up with divorced parents, the pain of recently losing his mother, and even his rap name which he got from his great-grandfather who was named Tom Tucker. Tom Tucker's original plan was to become a professional athlete, playing a variety of sports. His competitive nature can be heard in some of the music he creates through clever puns that tell just how bad he wants to reach the pinnacle of success. An individual who is hungry to prove his ranks among hip-hop's finest, Tom Tucker will continue to push his limits of musicianship.


2011 (June) - It's Not a Game Mixtape (w/ Continental Cudd)

2011 (November) - Life and Times of The Team Vol. 1 Mixtape (w/ Continental Cudd)

2012 (March) - Growing Pains (solo project)
- Single "Something More" has been receiving constant airplay since August of 2012.

2012 (October) Life and Times of The Team Vol. 2 (collaborative effort with members of Blacktop Democracy and other features)