Tom Ulichny

Tom Ulichny

 Rockland, Maine, USA

Live loop sampling Indian and world percussion grooves with blues, rock and folk melodic sensibility- unique, intelligent and accessible. Think along the lines of Ry Cooder and Harry Manx with Indian and world flavor mixed in.


n 2005, Tom Ulichny graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. As a multi-instrumentalist at Berklee,Tom studied guitar, drums, and world percussion, followed by a semester in Pune, India, studying Indian rhythmic systems and tabla, a traditional Indian hand drum. After graduating, Tom worked as an adjunct professor for the St. John School of the Arts in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and was the Director of Music Education for Fell's Point Music in Baltimore, MD.

In the fourteen years that Tom that has been teaching private lessons and music seminars, studying and performing with dozens of artists and bands, he as developed his unique performance style by blending his blues and folk guitar roots with distinctly world percussion rhythms by live loop sampling, or recording parts live on the fly. This allows him to build multi-layered compositions that captivate and engage the audience while allowing more freedom for arrangements and improvisation.  His performance credits include large scale festivals to more intimate venues across the east coast.

Ulichny's diverse musical interests have come together to produce an intricate but accessible sound that warrants attention with its energy, honesty, and distinct flavor. 


Ulichny has performed in dozens of bands over the past 10 years and has released several CD's. Currently, several singles from his solo project are available at

Set List

Originals: Come to Define, As Honest As, Waste Away, One Evening, Long, Separateness, Element, Glass Eye, Compromise along with plenty of improvised grooves.