Tom Wehrle

Tom Wehrle


The St. Louis-based musician has a unique style which has been compared to John Mayer meets, the Goo Goo Dolls meets Coldplay.


Tom has been a writing, recording and performing musical artist full time for the past 6 years. His music has matured into an eclectic blend of modern rock/pop, thoughtful lyrics, and fun catchy melodies that people have come to love. The love of his music can be seen by a large following on Myspace, Facebook, and through his own website. On Myspace alone he has had close to 1 million plays, and has over 41,000 friends.

When all is said and done in life what really matters? Tom Wehrle’s third release entitled When You Can’t Wait for Tomorrow seeks to answer the golden question. Tom believes in faith, friendship, authentic love, and living each day with purpose. His music is a witness of his strong beliefs in these things.

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Here are several album reviews:

"Be prepared: from the first moment that you put Tom Wehrle’s new CD Room To Dream in your CD player, you will definitely be addicted!" - - 2005

"Then there's his distinct voice; a voice that cuts through the clutter of Top 40 radio." - Seventh Seed – 2003

"Tom Wehrle's sophomore album is a melodic light rock affair that could easily find itself on a show's soundtrack on a WB show. His voice isn't raw but the production allows for some edges to come through in the mix. Incredibly enough Tom's not only a talented songwriter and performer but a damn dandy producer and studio engineer as he recorded and mixed this album in his own home studio. It might not be something totally from left-field being that it's a pure pop blissful rock album but the mainstream radio stations have needed something good to cling on for a while and this might just be the cure." - J-Sin - 2005

"The piano based singer songwriter Tom Wehrle is back with his second album and it’s a gem if you’re into modern pop. Its never shattering or monotonous, just very pleasant stories, written and performed by Tom Wehrle. There’s a bunch of similar pop/rock artists out there, but this guy is something extra so get Room to Dream today, or tomorrow. You won’t be disappointed." - - 2005

"Wehrle takes a page from John Mayer in his keen ear for a hook that will serve an introspective lyric well. While he often builds songs around his expressive piano work, this studio whiz also plays guitar and a variety of electronic keyboards on this self-produced disc." - Daily Vault - 2005


Without You

Written By: Tom Wehrle

W/O You

I thought I heard your voice
But all I heard was void
Remembered by the sounds of life
Without you

I thought I saw your face
But all it was, was me in a daze
Hypnotized, mesmerized
Without you

Oh oh whoa without you
Oh oh whoa without you
What should I do without you

You think ya got me down
But all you did was turn my world around
You made me smile, made it all worth while
Without you

You're the song I'll never sing
The melody that haunts me in my dreams
My one & only sad lullaby
The one that made me cry
But it's alright...I didn't die

My life seems cruel without you
There's nothing new without you
So what should I do without you

TW: Piano, Keyboards, Tambourine & Vocals
Drew Bailey: Drums
Phill Grooms: Bass & Trumpet
Dan Smith: Electric Guitars

Another Love Song

Written By: Tom Wehrle

You've got this feeling sound
Where everything brings ya down
I'd like to try and take a chance
To tell you it's not happenstance
That I love you, cause ya know it's true, but...

You dont need another love song
To tell you how far you're gone
You just need someone to hug ya and say everything's ok

Some days will go to fast
And some you'll wish you never had
Cause I know sometimes it's hard to see
When you compare your life to that of the movies
Cause ya know it's true, that I love you, but...

Yeah, you don't need a million dollars
To try and change your current weather
You just need someone to hug ya and say everything's ok

I hope ya know that there's a calm after every storm
I hope ya see that it's about to break and there's nothing to morn
And that thorn I swear it won't hurt anymore

Yeah, you don't need a super hero
To change you to a one from a zero
You just need someone to hug ya and say everything's ok

Find a Friend

Written By: Tom Wehrle and Dan Smith

When the world has brought you down
And it seems hope is bound
Hold on tight, you'll be alright
You'll find a friend

When your days are filled with clouds
And the nights have washed you out
Don't be afraid, you'll be ok
You'll find a friend

There's nothing you can say
That can take the past away
But I've seen the best of you and I know
It's only time until you find a friend

Sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll lose
And all you have will never do
I don't how you got that down
But you'll find a friend

I know it's only time until you find a friend


When You Can't Wait for Tomorrow - Aug 2007
Room to Dream - Aug 2005
Something You Can't Find - May 2003

Set List

01 You Don't Know
02 Finding Ourselves
03 Moving On
04 Come May
05 Tired
06 I've Fallen
07 Don't Go
08 Just in Love With You
09 Wonderwall (cover)
10 Just a Boy
11 February
12 One Last Wish