Tom Whyte

Tom Whyte


Have they coined New-Folk yet? If not, that's what this is. It's not Psych-Folk, Folk-Rock, or anything else we can think of at this moment. To us it's New-Folk. That's as close as we can get. But that depends on your idea of folk music...It's Tom Whyte and his Broken Band.


If everyone from Springsteen to Loudon Wainwright III have at one time been hailed as the new Dylan, we hope that an enthusiastic soul somewhere will hail Tom Whyte as the new Moore. That's Christy Moore. Tom Whyte grew up in Aherlow, a rural valley in southern Ireland. He made for Dublin City in his twenties in order to play his music. After stints in rock bands, he returned to solo work. Although Tom has spent more time deliberately immersed in in the work of Dylan, Cave, Guthrie, Young, Waits and others than he has in Moore's, in Ireland Christy Moore enjoys an omnipresence - his spirit is a pervading one. Tom Whyte may well be hailed as the New Moore very soon.


That's the Way (as the Fella Says) [forthcoming single]
Sets in Motion [album due for release soon]