Aalborg, North Jutland, DNK

With her abstract beats, unique voice and hypnotizing lyrics, the female singer, musician and producer Tone is renowned for her both forceful and frail expressions in experimental electronica. Performing with VJ Kristian Ravn, the two blend music and abstract video into into an audiovisual symbiosis


// Career highlights: //
Debut album release Denmark 2008, ROSKILDE Festival and SPOT Festival performances (2008, Denmark), EUROSONIC Festival performance (2009, Netherlands), European album release (2009, Europe), international touring (2008-2009, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Baltics, Great Britain), support band Tortoise Scandinavian tour (2009, Sweden+Denmark), SXSW Festival performance (2010, U.S.A), writing/recording second album (2010, into 2011), scheduled release of second album, 'Hanging By The Moon' fall 2011 (distribution+tour Europe/North America).


With her abstract beats, unique voice and hypnotizing lyrics, the female singer, musician and producer Tone is renowned for her both forceful and frail expressions in experimental electronica ranging from uplifting vigorous outlets of energy to obscure, melancholic moods.

Musically, Tone creates a remarkable audiovisual realm where her light and spellbinding voice adds to a bedrock of crunchy break beats, abstract compositional structures and catchy melodies. Not being a typical songwriter in terms of clinging to the usage of the traditional structure of verses and choruses, Tone relies on improvisation and creative exploration in the creation of her unpredictable musical landscapes - while adding daunting, yet compelling lyrics - and thereby drawing listeners into her musical and atmospheric universe of thoughts, sounds and a myriad of emotional expressions. A sound and style that has earned her comparison to artists such as Björk, Coco Rosie and Billie Holiday - in an electronic and eclectic guise.

The last couple of years have been hectic for Tone - who carries the civil name Sofie Nielsen. Following the release of her debutalbum in January ’08, she received nothing but great reviews in every single Danish newspaper and music magazine. Above that, she was also talk of the town in music circles around Europe for releasing the world’s first retail cd- and vinyl album licensed under a Creative Commons license while backed by a collecting society (KODA); thereby allowing music consumers to legally, freely and at no charge reproduce and redistribute the contents to friends and relatives – as well as to download the album at no charge from both artists’ and the record label’s websites. The album cover boldly reads “Please copy this record to all of your friends”.

Subsequent spawning a massive concert interest, Tone soon found herself playing loads of live-gigs including the Roskilde Festival and SPOT Festival in Denmark, as well as a substantial amount of festival- and club performances in Sweden and Germany. The SPOT Festival, however, came to play a significant role, as the invited Belgian music business and press associates overheard her performance and immediately chose her as one of four promising acts (of the 120 acts on the festival bill) to represent Denmark at the annual SPOT On Denmark showcase in Bruxelles, hosted by Danish Rock Council and Music Export Denmark in collaboration with ao. renowned Bruxelles venue AB on November 14, 2008.
Things then really started to kick off, as she was also selected to perform at the prestigeous Eurosonic Festival in the Netherlands in early '09. This lead to bookings in several European countries including Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, the Baltics and United Kingdom as well the release of her album in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands in October '09. In 2010, Tone made the first jump across the Atlantic as one of the acts profiling Denmark at SXSX Festival 2010 in Austin, Texas. This landed her a label deal for northern America for her second album, due for release in late spring or later summer 2011 - simultaneously with the European release.

Tone’s live-performance is indeed a spectacular experience. Accompanied by video artist and VJ Kristian Ravn Ellestad, the two entertainers blend music and abstract video into an audiovisual symbiosis, emphasizing the moods in Tone’s emotionally charged music.
Tone and Kristian jointly produce the video tracks accompanying the music, creating a sort of abstract storytelling at Tone’s concerts. A phenomenon captured on Tone’s debut album as well, as 'Small Arm of Sea' is released in an innovative “audiovisual” format – consisting of both CD/vinyl and DVD, which presents the music and the video together and jointly form Tone’s intense expression. A concept to be continued on the forthcoming second album, Hanging By The Moon, due for release in the fall 2011.

Denmark - label/mngt/booking - Urlyd Records / Christian Villum,
Denmark - distribution - Rillbar Distribution
Europe - label - PonyRec / Kasper Find,
Europe - distribution - Indigo
Europe - booking - Coco Agentur / Oliver Wyczisk,


2008: 'Small Arm of Sea' (album) - CD/DVD, 12"LP/DVD (Denmark)
2009: 'Small Arm of Sea' (album, international version) - CD (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands)
2011: Scheduled release of second album, Hanging By The Moon (LP) (Denmark, Europe, US)

Video rotation:
3VOOR12 (Netherlands) - single 'I Am Long'

Radio rotation:
All over Denmark, Germany, Netherlands - including Danish national radio P3.

Set List

Normal performance is approx 45 minutes. Setlist varies and includes both tracks from the debut album and new tracks to appear on new album due late 2010.