Tone & Niche

Tone & Niche

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

"...Truly a gem in the rough and rocky milieu of an already healthily crowded Detroit scene, bringing a rock sensibility to country twang and spilling earnest, heartfelt singer/songwriter meditations grounded in a personable wisdom..." -J. Milo, Real Detroit Weekly


Tone & Niche (tone & Neesh), an original pop/rock band based out of Detroit, entices their audiences with energy, talent and passion. The band consists of singer/songwriter Anthony Retka, violinist Nicole Varga, bass guitarist Nick White and drummer Scottie Stone. Tone and Niche’s eclectic mix of pop/rock and singer/songwriter styles stem from influences of performers such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Radiohead and Mike Viola. Tone and Niche frequently perform in cities such as Nashville, Chicago, Cleveland, and have become a driving force in the Detroit music scene. The band has shared the bill with several national recording artists including: Martha Wainwright, Mike Errico, and Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers. Over the last five years Tone and Niche have released three albums and a single. These recordings emit a mysterious brilliance of creative song structure, lyrical depth and polished performance.

"...while they're adept enough to play just about anything — they are rock 'n' roll singer-songwriters."
-Eve Doster, METROTIMES - Detroit, MI.


1. Brand New World
2. Freak
3. From Her To Me
4. Rust
5. Medallion
6. What I Could Have Done For You
7. Conscious As I Am
8. He's Always Stones
9. Hearts Never Break
10. My Own Good Grace
11. Hold On
12. What To Do
13. So Long

1. Lemonade Rag
2. Billie's Theme
3. How Many Times
4. Goodbye To You
5. If I Dream
6. Sentimental
7. Tone's Blues In G

From Your Hands SINGLE
1. From Your Hands
2. You Sing For Them All

Song One EP
1. Sour Heart
2. Another Love Song
3. Wait
4. Song One

On The Streets Of
1.Broken-Hearted Army
2. Spin Violins
3. Fast Fade
4. Strings and Bows
5. The Story
6. On The Streets Of
7. I'm Not Gone
8. Fix My Head
9. No Time To Be Crazy {Lyrics}
10. You Don't Love Me
11. Tragedy
12. Pandemonium

Anthony Retka
Full-length Solo Acoustic CD
1. Hum
2. In Good Time
3. Nothin' More Than You
4. Where is She
5. Impromptu #1 In
6. City Sets In
7. All The Leaves
8. I Miss You
9. Your Eyes Don't Look In Love Anymore
10. In A Blue Sky
11. I'm Not Asking For The World
12. When You Left (Live)
13. All The Leaves
(Alternate Version-Demo)
14. Can I, Can't I
I, Can't I

Tone & Niche
Self Titled Debut CD
1. Sour Heart
3. Another Love Song
4. Tones Blues In G
5. How Many Times
6. Sweet Roses
7. It'll Pass
8. Wait
9. Hearts never Break
10. Hold On
11. Song One
12. The Chord

Set List

1) Freak
2) Medallion
3) From Her To Me
4) Hearts Never Break
5) Fix My head
(One or Two songs acoustic)
6) Fast Fade
7) On The Streets Of
8) What I Could Have Done For You
9) Rust
10) Brand New World