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The music of ToneOfVoyce is clear and strong. Lyrics which are catchy, smart, funny, and memorable keep every listener entertained and wanting more. His music catches anybody's ear and makes an audience move to the flow, and hang on every word spoken


Honing his craft while travelling back and forth across the Georgia Strait, Toneofvoyce prepares for the release of his long awaited debut album. While collecting beats and scratching every line that comes to mind down on everything from note pads to napkins, 2 years of work is about to be showcased to Canada. He is no stranger to movement which you can hear in his music. Born in Victoria and moved to Nanaimo at the age of thirteen, Tone found himself infatuated with hip-hop at an early age. Entertaining friends with his clever and untouchable freestyles, it started as a hobby and quickly grew into a passion. He is quoted as saying “Hip Hop to me is like a fire in my stomach that never subsides.”

With the delivery of his self-titled, debut album dropping august 2007, Toneofvoyce looks to have a promising career ahead of him. After cutting this record, which is being released under his own independent label, Toneofvoyce is currently organizing a Western Canadian tour for the fall of 2007. With a flooded market of hip-hop today Toneofvoyce proves to be an artist that can stand out. Unlike the stereo-typical suburban gangster, he doesn’t try to be anything he’s not. His lyrics are his life and his pure uniqueness is so vibrant and clear, that he is sure to catch a wide fan base. On the track Boyfriend Material, he admits to wrongs while laying into himself in an edgy comedic way. Words aside, after listening to his album, Toneofvoyce’s music speaks for itself.


Stable Livin'

Written By: ToneOfVoyce

Verse 1

For fuck sakes, been a couple of years, ya I’m up to my ears of spittin’ the truth once I get into this booth, admittin to youth. Ain’t about your image and flash. Limited cash, all about rockin’ this mic and getting some ass. Rapped about vag so much, it’s worn out like my 5-speed with no clutch. Go ahead and hate on my style. Listen to the album, marinate for a while, you’ll be beggin’ “yo playa turn that shit to track 6!” Lyrics obnoxious with a hella phat mix. You’re about to witness my theatrics at the finest. Whether downloadin’ this or buyin this, rippin’ or rewindin this. I’m givin credit just for tryin this. Yes sir, leavin you mindless, addin’ up the pressure. No definin’ this, take a glance up in my rhyme book and try to put a price tag on the time it took.


Just lookin for a stable livin’. 4 walls, a roof, pocket loot, ‘nough to fund my label vision. Go find my white ass on cable vision. Give me a bucjet of beers, I’m up to my ears in fatal decisions.
Just lookin for a stable livin’. 4 walls, a roof, pocket loot, ‘nough to fund my label vision.

Verse 2

When I battle it’s a murder game, rhymin’ a few words the same, harder than a hurricane, cringe once you heard my name. ToneOfVoyce? Nah it’s TOV. Copped the album through my boys via COD. Now is my debut, one artist, thank you. More than a few topics arise durin’ my break through. I’ll make you jerk back to my first track, hit you with my worst rap, feel the earth crack now you heard that. That Brady kid’s workin’ far from hard, hostin’ local shows and jottin’ down his bars. Son I ain’t gone far I stay close to home, new artist on this fuckin’ west coast is Tone, of Voyce, rejoice. Finally got god dam album finished. No testing’ my limits I need no time to replenish. 2nd verse is about to diminish, stay the fuck out of my business, I’m outa yours I’m finished


Verse 3

Sick of being worried who I gotta pay next. Havin’ safe sex, livin pay check to pay check. Wanna break necks. I keep my composure, lookin for exposure. Bruisin’ up your mom’s knees, still droppin’ bomb frees. Withstandin’ stronger winds than palm trees. Little bit of Maltese. Everybody’s just a shit mix, horny as a dog who needs to get fixed. Never have I hit chicks, nor will I ever. Whatever endeavor I choose next, prove to be ruthless. If you’re useless, getting bottled with a 26, I’m a nuisance. Tryin to get my feet wet, caught up in a deep sweat, never placin’ weak bets, all in. Pushin’ these chips forward. White kid from Nanaimo, rep for this North. Use a pitch fork shovelin’ rhymes. Troubled at times, I’m fine after a couple of rounds


Verse 4

It’s 4th street and the style’s gone harsher. Every suburb to the downtown harbour. Any beer parlor I sip brews in. Got me drivin’ hella slow though I keeps cruisin’. Always abusin’ a track, rarely refusing to rap. The fact is, Bud, grab a brush need my mattress scrubed. Place where I like to practice love, with any broads that I pick up from the Cactus Club. Back this up. You wanna hear it again, some people are fearin’ my pen, I’ma keep smearin’ it in. Whatever the act I’ll never adapt, better than that. Learned to serve first ask questions last. I’ll won’t slow, settle, stop, quit for no one. Every verse that I write’s well writin’ poems. Need a kick in my ass to get me goin’, get me flowin, I got these knuckles I’ma quick to throw ‘em


"Clever & Cheeky" - Debut Album

Set List

A solo set is generally 30-45 minutes and consists of his main album tracks:
1. Stable Livin'
2. Boyfriend Material
3. Battle With Booze
4. Bend You Over
5. Game Plan