Tone Puppets

Tone Puppets

 Liverpool, England, GBR

Tone Puppets are an Alternative Rock band.

Full of eastern promise - and northern grit, resident band at The Lovely Job, Tone Puppets produce a fizzy, guitar fuelled indie laced sound with curious time signatures and mathy prog-outs that’s been likened to the Beta Band/Nirvana and The Doors.


Tone Puppets

Tone Puppets originated as a band called Tone Poets, a name inspired by the description of Frédéric Chopin, the original 'Tone Poet', by contemporary critics.

Tone Puppets began stirring up quite a buzz not only in their home city of Liverpool (through their bi-monthly nights at The Zanzibar) but also in London - largely thanks to their efforts in organising a version of the night in the capital and involving some of Liverpool's brightest upcoming acts.

The name Tone Poets eventually morphed into Tone Puppets, which the band settled on in order to evoke the concept of being controlled by the tones and sounds they create onstage.

Once described as being "full of Eastern promise and Northern grit", Tone Puppets have been promoting their latest promo single 'Ignore', which was laid down in a free recording session (won by public vote for Gig Of The Week at Liverpool Music Week.)

Immediately gaining several extremely positive reviews, 'Ignore' is a track that encompasses the unusual time signature elements of Tone Puppets, a strong feature of all their material. Essentially an alternative rock band with eastern influences, they build a layered haunting harmony which makes for a very unique and individual style.

Ignore has already been added to several radio playlists and Tone Puppets have also enjoyed plenty of exposure on BBC Radio 1 Merseyside. Their local success has earned them a loyal fanbase that continues to follow the band down south for their London shows.

As well as headlining their own bi-monthly night, 'The Lovely Job', in Liverpool they have blown audiences away at headline shows at Monto Water Rats in London and are due to headline a show in Liverpool for a promoter as part of The Mean Fiddler group.

The fortchcoming schedule for Tone Puppets is busy - they are due to record their next single in Parr St. Studios in Oct 2011, while a promotional UK tour is planned for early 2012.

The impact the band is having may be due to the fact that they are able to combine their idiosyncratic and original aspects (the shifting time signatures, intricate song structures and strange haunting harmonies) with a feel and attitude that marks them out as having real indie commercial potential.


Ignore - Promo single - airplay on countless radio stations.

Streaming on soundcloud:

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