Tone Rodent

Tone Rodent


“A leader of the ever-marginalized local space-junkie genre and perhaps one of St. Louis' most underexposed bands...evokes the MC5 after an overdose of mysterious gold-speckled pills...Too melodic and rhythmic to be called noise and too comfortably abstract to be called ... well ... Normal.”


Tone Rodent (TR) is a sonic, psychedelic, heavy shoegaze/space rock band compared to the likes of Spacemen 3, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Spiritualized, My Bloody Valentine and The Velvet Underground.

Tone Rodent sprung to life in the fall of 1999 with an initial concept rooted in creating layers of sound washes through manipulation and experimentation. Since then TR has moved from a soundtrack-type ambient drone to a sonic rock band.

Originally conceived as an outlet for visual artist Adam Watkins' aural experimentations, TONE RODENT has evolved into a couple of unique entites: a 4-person ensemble for the occasional live performance, and a somewhat more experimental, less structured recording unit. Both, however, center around Watkins’ musical vision, one that both frightens and inspires. On disc, things tend to be a little more atomospheric an unstructured, with spoken-word samples mixed in with the effects-laden guitars. But both versions of the Rodent have one thing in common: sheets of feedback and amps turned up to 12.

Tone Rodent was named as a semi-finalist for the Midwest Independent Music World Series 2005 held by Disc Makers. This Chicago contest showcases independent musicians, offers the ability to make industry contacts, and gives the chance to win $35,000 in prizes. See for details. In April 2005, TR was informed that they are a finalist to play at the Chicago based music festival Mobfest


– Tone Rodent: Tone Rodent – Ungabunga Records – October 2004
– Christmastime single – Bert Dax Cavalcade of Stars, Christmas Album – November 2003
– ...And Shine Until We Fall Down Mini-Album – December 2002 (self-released)
– Stand In Space (Is All The Space I Can Stand) LP – September 2002 (self-released)
– Are Your Dreams 3 Sizes Too Big? – July 2002 (self-released)
– Demo(n) EP – June 2002 (self-released)
– Double LP: Fall Down/Play Dead – February 2002 (self-released)
– A Visit To Leisureworld LP – August 2001 (self-released)
– Empathy Hours LP – April 2001 (self-released)
– Space Available LP – January 2001 (self-released)
– We Learned To Ski – September 2000 (self-released)