Tone Status

Tone Status

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Tone Status is in a lane of his own. Very versatile, approaches tracks with aggression like a freight train. I have many influences,however it's very difficult to hear any of them in my music.


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(Released December 2008)

Set List

I like to set my set off with a track off my EP entitled "Fly With Me" it gives the people a feel for who I am, then follow up with "I Am Who I Am". My 2nd song compliments the 1st song very well, because i'm basically telling you,"Take it or leave it, this is ME! Depending on the crowd, I might do a song for the ladies "Tryna Be Ya Man" or "How it Use To Be" (My RnB side). Then I finish off with "Gangsta Lean" I like to end a set on a fun note! "Gangsta Lean" is a real fun track, despite its title. I seldom do Covers,but I'm not against them.