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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Dope Record"

"Dope Record, I am feelin' all the tracks, they are hype." - DJ SA - Los Cruces, NM (KHQT)


"This Toney Parka record is crazy!" - Adam F - Fairfeild, CT (WVOF)

"Love It"

"Our Hip Hop directors are loving this record and playing it all the time on their show." - Kate - New Concord, OH (WMCO)


"Thanks for sending this (Toney Parka record) it's really dope, hot joint, hot lyrics." - Chill Will - Ann Arbor, MI (WCBN)

"Fun Music"

"This is some fun music. I really like the sound and look forward to hearing some more from Toney Parka." - DJ Jon - Portland, ME (WRED)


"This joint has a jazzy feel to it. Toney's flow is tight as well!" - DJ Linx - Toronto, ON (CKLN)

"Old School Feel"

"The Toney Parka left me tilting my head at times, which is a good thing. Means that I have never heard anything like it. Has an old school feel, which I go for, contrary to some listeners, I love the glory days. This one is updated lyrically though." - DJ Kayote - Albuquerque, NM (KUNM)

"Dig It"

" I really dig this Toney Parka project. Thanks for arranging the interview with him. Glad we got it done." - DJ Buddahbong - Fullerton, CA (TIR Radio)


"WE is a great throw back jam... has that BDP/Ultramag/Stetsasonic feel to it, which is a nice change of pace with all the bullsh*t being marketed these days." - Scuba Steve - San Antonio, TX (KSYM)

"Feeling it!"

"I'm really feeling this one from Toney. I play WE on my show (I have two throughout the week). It's getting spins midday and also evenings." - Susie - Sacramento, CA (KSSU)


The majority of the songs below have either streaming or college radio airplay. "WE' and "Sieze the Moment" peaked at #2 on The RapNetwork and charts.

RawDialect RAH RAH from The White Album CD/EP 2002 (RAWsounds)
RawDialect TOOLS from The White Album CD/EP 2002 (RAWsounds)
Underground Cartel NEVER GIVIN WAY from Dropzone CD/EP 2004 (New Dawn Records)
Underground Cartel SNIPERS from Dropzone CD/EP 2004 (New Dawn Records)
The RawDialect Crew LOVE OF MY LIFE 12� Single 2006 (Ayize Inc/Toney Parka Productions)
The RawDialect Crew WE 12� Single 2006 (Ayize Inc/Toney Parka Productions)
The RawDialect Crew REACH OUT 12� Single 2006 (Ayize Inc/Toney Parka Productions)
Toney Parka SIEZE THE MOMENT 12� Single 2007 (Ayize Inc)
Toney Parka FREEDOM TRAIN 12� Single 2007 (Ayize Inc)
Toney Parka CHESTNUT NINJA 12� Single 2007 (Ayize Inc)



That’s Parka with an “a�!

In a time when Hip Hop icons are viewed as praised pretenders, desperately seeking to say whatever sells to partake of a percentage, a hero is arising. Toney Parka (aka Tone Rome) wants to prove that Hip Hop is more than fast cars and fast rhymes. Born amongst the hustle and bustle of Baltimore’s streets, Parka held on to Hip Hop for dear life. Hip Hop became for him a fervent fortress. Selective about his choice of Hip Hop styles, his admiration grew for the sounds of Run-DMC, Rakim, Public Enemy and A Tribe Called Quest. Parka is a graduate of Tuskegee University, an advocate of true Hip Hop, and a dedicated father. Toney is also the Director of the Saturday Arts Academy, which provides comprehensive arts based activities for Washington DC youth.

Parka has dedicated the past 11 years to perfecting the art of emceeing and mastering the business behind the music. He is one of the founding members of The RawDialect Crew, a group that forged his lyrical skill with that of seven other talented MCs. When it came time for The RawDialect Crew to release their music to the public, they didn’t run to a record exec with their demo tape, they formed their own label, RAWsounds, LLC.

Now, Toney Parka is hard at work on his freshman project, The Movement: Unifying the Masses. The album’s heavy title captures the content of Parka’s music perfectly. His lyrics expose the truths behind today’s Hip Hop in an attempt to elevate the thoughts of Hip Hop supporters everywhere. Parka’s music offers a refreshing rest from the computerized sounds that have become commonly correlated with Hip Hop. The tracks are composed of actual base lines, atop keyboard chords, with horn sections in the background, beckoning listeners back to the original sounds of Hip Hop.

However, an in-tune listener recognizes that The Movement is not just a sound. The Movement is a mission for the unification of the Hip Hop community, as opposed to its separation. If The Movement were a country, its nation’s capital would be all communities with respect for Hip Hop. Its motto would be Self-Respect, Unity, and Empowerment. And its citizens would be all artists and businessmen/women with an agenda to uplift the Hip Hop culture.

Ultimately, Parka is dedicated to surpassing borders and boundaries and disproving myths to provide a positive portrayal of Hip Hop. Parka’s first album, The Movement: Unifying the Masses is due for release in 2008.