Tongue Dried Sun

Tongue Dried Sun


A wide and original taste of Rock 'n Roll. From high energy, soaring-screaming vocals and music, to groove filled acoustical jams. TDS sets itself apart from most bands who only have one range and sound. TDS is a group of dedicated, professional musicians ready to work hard for a big, bright future!


Tongue Dried Sun (TDS) has re-emerged back onto the music scene after a three year hiatus. TDS has just finished up a brand new album titled Zero Hour with world renowned producer Dave Jerden and Producer/Engineer Bryan Carlstrom(Alice in Chains, Janes Addiction, Offspring, etc...). With original members: Paul Opocensky (vox, guitar), Wyatt Bills (guitar), Steven Natale (drums), Joey Moraga (bass). TDS has once again decided to put their stamp on Rock 'n' Roll. With their diverse sound going from songs such as "Out of Mind" and "Zero Hour" (which include high energy music and soaring/screaming vocals) right into songs such as "M*" or "Live Free" (which have smooth acoustic, groove filled music along with soulful clean vocals.) This wide range of music and vocals sets TDS apart from most bands, who generally have the one range and sound. TDS has a goal to bring back the "Album Band"; a band that has an albums worth of great songs so the listener has a hard time picking one or two favorites, but pushes play at track one and never skips a song. They will be taken on an emotional musical experience until the last track is done. TDS has many years of experience in the music business. Even starting their own indie label "SWAP Records" in Nov. 2002. TDS has also shared the stage with the likes of Journey, Collective Soul, Jimmy Eat World, Alice Cooper, The Nuge, David Lee Roth and others. TDS has come back with one main objective; to help bring back great music to Rock.


July 2008: "Zero Hour" LP
August 2007: "Edgewater Sessions" EP
March 2003: "Changed Forever" LP

Set List

Nothing More
Zero Hour
The Young Man
Change Forever
Out of Mind
Mercury Star
Live Free, Holiday
Repeat & Follow
Year of the Gun
Too Late
Death Rebirth

We have more songs in our catalog from the past, but we are more focused on playing the new songs off of our latest album as well as writing more new songs.

We can play covers by lots of bands. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Guns N Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains to name a few. We sometimes throw in one cover at a show depending on the length of our set.