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tongue & groove


the best epk is live
- in Brockville : every FRI 7-10 pm @ Bud's On The Bay
- on the Rideau, SAT 24th SEP @ Lock 17 in Burritts Rapids
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Tongue & Groove
Featuring Blues in originals and classic covers ("That Train Don't Stop Here" as done by Ruth Brown, "Whiskey Drinking Woman" by Lou Donaldson, "Money" as known from Barrett Strong, "My Handy Man" by Ethel Waters), this bunch of seasoned performers will make u feel good and swing your thing in no time. Playing regular gigs 2gether more and more often, Brian Downey (drums), Vincent Halfhide (guitars, vocals) and Maren Molthan (vocals, blues harmonica, guitar) had so much fun 2gether that the tendency 2 present original material 2gether as well seemed only natural - a first demo of a brand new song can be heard in this EPK.

Maren Molthan and Brian Downey met in 2009 in Merrickville (of all places!). He was playing with his Zoot Suits, and she was interviewing him 4 her monthly radio show (, which ended up being a very funny tape - in December 2009 they started having Maren sing every second week and Vince Halfhide, with whom Brian had shared all kinds of stages 4 years, play guitar 4 the Brian Downey Blues Band every week @ The Brock Pub in Brockville, until it closed in JAN 2011, honing the vibe and feel of the act, bringing new songs into the mix whenever possible.

Beautiful and talented Carina Mach on bass and mandoline completes tongue & groove, a fantastic fit off Brian's extensive musicians' rooster (that's 50 years of professional drumming in 2011 - happy anniversary, Brian!), which had a well-received premiere on the third of June @ The Keystorm Pub in Brockville - please join us 4 the Big Anniversary Bash with The Brian Downey Big Band, Vincent Halfhide, tongue & groove and many more SAT 3rd SEP @ Irene's Pub, 885 Bank St.

Maren's newly and previously created songs r now getting a very bluesy feel and can be enjoyed every FRI from 7-10 pm @ Bud's On The Bay in Brockville, and, throughout July, August and September @ Lock 17 Bistro & Store in Burritts Rapids, just a step across River Road, ashore the Rideau River and Canal, from 6 pm onwards.


On A Lush Night In May

Written By: Maren Molthan

On A Lush Night In May 14/15th of May 2011

On a lush night in May you took my hand and went away
I heard you say I love you so I'm never ever gonna let you go
In May it was and lush
Now what's the fuzz about that ||:

I still hear my friends , she is off the fence
She's gone insane
I hope they keep me in mind, they're very kind but not mine
We'll reconnect some other time
In May it was and lush
Now what's the fuzz about that ||:

I can still feel the rain
Tender drizzle on a tender brain
And I can only hope
My heart don't sizzle in vain
No words to my aid and all everything I think
Seems to be three seconds late

In the deep woods of your eyes
And 3 seconds later I hear what must've been my own sighs or yours
The way you danced with me the entire time just really made my night
In May it was and lush
Now what's the fuzz about that ||:


cd "choices" in 2007 with PEACEWORK (nominated 4 "Best Independent Blues" by OIMAs in 2008/9)

Set List

lots of originals, yet also the good old stuff when pockets were big ...