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Tongue N' Groove


Tongue n’ Groove formed with one goal in mind: to make great rock and roll. Each member plays his instrument with the swagger of a pirate and the magic of a wizard. The E.P. reflects their influences as well as their originality and diversity, featuring hard, riff driven rockers, as well as ballads.


Steadily gigging since their formation, Tongue n’ Groove have had quite an experience, becoming legends in their hometowns of Nobleton and King City. With a sound that could be described as the drunken love-child of the White Stripes and the Rolling Stones TNG have earned two first place finishes and a People’s Choice award for “Battle of the Bands” at the Reverb, El Mocambo and Opera House in Toronto, Tongue n’ Groove also garnered themselves an interview on Edge 102.1 with Martin Streek and headlined the Reverb in April 2007. Following that TNG occasionally grace The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern and Lee's Palace with stellar sets. These solid performances have earned them a following who rarely miss a show, and Tongue n’ Groove boasts to have some of the most loyal fans around.
Tongue n’ Groove is comprised of four members, singer/guitarist Frank Maccarone, lead guitarist Jeff Skrypek, bassist Marco Pasucci and drummer Dave Celebre, who grew up as childhood friends. Frank has the ability to howl like an animal in one instant, and then evoke a silky smooth crooner in the next. Jeff’s acid tipped guitar licks pierce through any object they encounter. Marco’s earth shaking bass can move mountains, and Dave’s ability to make the inanimate drum skins come alive is the stuff legends are made of.
Each member brings his own uniqueness to the band as well. Frank’s ability to play guitar and sing allow for a greater depth to Tongue n’ Groove’s sound, and his natural front-man charisma can win over even the most resisting fan. Jeff’s bluesy influences and screaming solos give the band a roots music feel, while still maintaining their rock and roll heritage. As the main songwriters for the band, Jeff and Frank are able to feed off each other’s influences, giving Tongue n’ Groove a sound that is not duplicated anywhere else, yet hearkens back to a time when Rock was pure and uncommericalized. Dave’s drumming style can be described in one word: devastating. The force with which he assaults the drums reminds some of the late John Bonham, but Dave’s new rock sensibilities also help to shape Tongue n’ Groove’s original sound. Marco’s killer bass can be heard from miles away, and his musical background allows him to add in the necessary fills where he sees fit.
With their E.P. released, and their fans loving what they hear, Tongue n’ Groove is poised for conquest.


Self titled EP
"Tongue N' Groove"
Streaming 3 tracks on

Set List

Three sets of 9-10 songs

2-2.5 hours

13 original songs
16 covers

including songs by Jimi Hendrix, Offspring, White Stripes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ramones, Tragically Hip, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses