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"Where our songs are played"

The following stations play our songs:
The Weekend Warm-Up with Pat Moore (Ottawa, Ontario) (Perth, Ontario) (Ottawa, Ontario) (Kamloops, British Columbia) (San Dimas, California) (Hildesheim, Germany) (France) (Toronto, ON) - PEACEWORK

"live on TO tv stream"

Host and political analyzer Hugh Reilly from invited us to play live on the Toronto video internet station - great fun, cool program, good people! -

"What people say"

"I didn't know that you were so good!"
Pat Moore, CKCU, the Weekend Warm-up

"You guys have a smooth sound."
Noah Sabourin, music director, LiVE 88.5

"Hi Maren,
It was lovely to meet you at the OIMA and I have to tell you how grateful I am that you gave me a copy of your CD.
I must tell you that PEACEWORK has become my most listened to CD, I love your music.
I am so happy to have met you and Scott, you are an incredible team and I know you will achieve every success.

With Warmest Wishes and Great Respect,

Lesley Anne Mapstone

"I have been really enjoying their music, such great energy!"
Max and Cheryl


"PEACEWORK to hit the Ballroom"

Please click on the second page
of our myspace photos to read
the article. - The Kemptville Advance

"“Peacework” Prepares for Bigger Things"

By Diana Fisher

It’s difficult to pinpoint the genre of music that is Peacework. If they had to give an “elevator pitch” (you have 30 seconds alone in an elevator with a record producer: what would you say?), they might describe their style as: “two desperate guitars jumping a freight train” or “two voices delivering the perfect crime”.
The key players in Peacework are Maren Molthan, originally from Germany, and Scott Arena, who grew up in the Kemptville area. Attempting to bring your musical ideas to life in collaboration with another person can be a challenge in itself. Working with someone with creative ideas so different from your own can be a truly enlightening experience.
Coming from a background as a journalist in Europe, Maren holds very strong political and social opinions about the way this world is being run. Having discovered some undeniable truths through her research, she finds it frustrating when she encounters complacent or apathetic attitudes. “People should talk more,” she explains. “I know I’ve affected people with my music, and that is what art is supposed to do. It’s meant to get people talking.” Essentially, Maren hopes that the public will stop looking around for someone to blame. “We need to take one step at a time. We must start asking ourselves, what can we do to help the situation?”
It is obvious that Scott has a very different personality from his outspoken partner, but when he does get a chance to squeeze a word in edgewise, it is with no less passion. Scott’s work is more physical than academic. With 25 years’ experience as a general contractor, and a stint as a fishing guide, his diverse history has taught him more than a few lessons about life. A diving accident in ’98 left him with two broken vertebrae and a different way of looking at the world. The near-death experience gave birth to a heightened sensitivity, an almost extra-sensory perception.
Scott and Maren prefer to live by the river, and take every opportunity to be surrounded by nature. They love music, socializing, and jamming with other like-minded souls. But taking the time to be quiet and listen has proven to be equally rewarding.
Maren tells of a particularly memorable visit to the botanical gardens in Montreal. “I was showing a friend around the place, and for some strange reason, Scott insisted on dragging that guitar around the whole day.” After a while, Scott took a seat in a quiet corner and let the tour go on without him. When they reunited an hour or so later, Scott announced that he had just written a song. It was as though the inspiration of the natural environment had opened him up to receiving the music. He had channeled it.
In contrast, Maren tends to begin the creative process with a message she needs to deliver. The music follows soon after, sometimes with input from Scott, and sometimes as a gift from the muse that sits on her shoulder.
The acoustic sound and bluesy style of Peacework is a perfect fit for local pubs and festivals. The group has developed a loyal following in their home area of Merrickville, Smiths Falls, Kemptville, Oxford Mills and Ottawa, and they just recently launched their new cd, “Choices”. But with the Canadian winter settling down all around us, Scott and Maren are considering heading south to test the waters and musical venues of warmer climes.
Peacework is best enjoyed live. The audience at times describes the experience as bordering on voyeurism, because the chemistry between Scott and Maren is almost tangible. But, as the bawdy blues and funky folk with an Etheridge-edge will be making its way out of the area sometime soon, music fans may have to settle for the recorded version for now. The Peacework partners are excited that their cd is now available online (
Stay tuned for an update from the pair in the near future, and check out their website at: for more insight and information.
- The Packet, Ontario


Pat Moore, host of "The Weekend Warm-up", invited us to play live on the show on Friday, 10th of October 2008, after listening to our cd "choices". We had a blast, her, too. Till the next adventure! - CKCU 93.1 fm Otawa


2007 "choices" within duo PEACEWORK
u can still buy that here:



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